October 24, 2008

Ismael Serrano Concert - Lima, 22 Octubre 2008

Ismael Serrano is one of my favorite singers and it was such a great pleasure for me to attend to his concert, even when the show (as per the sound guy told me) didn't had the lenght scheduled. Ismael's 1st song that arrived to my hands (or my computer) was one that scaped from a filter when getting songs from another trova singer (can be taken as "folk", i think), and i am glad that happened :)

it was such a pity, though, that the place was not full at all because Ismael deserves waaay more audience: he inspires through the lyrics and texts he uses while his conerts and seems to be a good and funny person who pay attention to his fans (i got a picture with him!) and as far as i see on his twitter account, he also cares for his country and the politics that are made locally... as many of the trova singers.

2008 Lima
Ismael and Fonchobaggins
(Sorry Marino, had to cut you off the picture)

2008 Lima
Marino and Fonchobaggins in front of the concert stage

i can listen to his songs forever and i always enjoy the lyrics and music... and thought it might be nice to share some of his songs... hopefully next time more people will be at his concert :) ...but that means better organization, promotion was not good and the prizes of the ticket were too high... although a concert of Ismael Serrano concert is totally worthy, in this case around the scenes in Peumayén, listen how he has no idea how his song "Recuerdo" is supposed to be solved, how it may be cool introducing yourself as a singer unless you do that with a Space-Trash Cataloger, building up verses and just sharing what you think and live with whom surround you. His concert is a unique experience... and i was so happy i went :)

if u are up to listen to him even when u might not speak spanish or at least understand some, here is URL of his site: http://www.ismaelserrano.com/ enjoy!

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