September 2, 2009

F n Slovensko [Slovakia]

So, i went to visit my friend Kjara in Žilina-Slovakia; and after a couple of hours in the train (going from Poland) i arrived and had time to eat, rest, get to know the family and stuff...

on monday we had a whole day full of biking around scheduled. in fact, i remember i just agreed for a bike ride... i didn't know it was going to be so looong and demanding :P but it was awesome!! we got to see beautiful landscapes, to be very into nature, have a nice walk and even play in a sort of castle with some audience haha. we left the house at 12:00 and returned at 21:30 more or less, but in the meanwhile we went across hills, highways, freeways, castles, villages, 100s of pictures, and what it was the best (!?) was when returning... we passed next to a lake, wich at night gets close to 4987609386086K mosquitos... who like to stick into people's eyes... adorable, hu?

next day we had the visit to Bojnice Castle, wich looked incredible! like the Cinderella Castle in Disney World! (ok, never that much... ) but i looooved the tour (in Slovakian!) n we even went again to see it inside, took 14569 more pictures and if i am right, that afternoon was the only time we didn't run to catch a bus or train... but it was a very relaxing and cultural day :D we had enought time to lay on the grass for hours (one of my favorite activities ever).

2009 Bojnice
Bojnice Castle

after Žilina and Bojnice we had another hike, this time to Donovaly, where people (in winter) go to ski and there is also a park with some stuff to go through the trees... wich was closed =( but that didn't stop us to make a hike through the "friendly hills" around =) it was a day to chill and relax surrounded by nature.

"This are friendly hills, they invite you to hike and go around, not like the Alpes, they are too imponent" - Kjara

2009 Donovaly

on thursday we went to another city, named Banská Stiavnica (very beautiful!) but we didn't stay in the city 'cause we were looking for a lake some minuets away from the city (but we had no clue how far away, we were prepared to walked an hour maybe). the lake was frozen!! ok, not ice... but it was the coldest mass of water ever in my life! i got an interesting experience when we got back to the city... because i thought i could go back to the room by myself. After many moons of this, i regret i didn't record a video of myself asking for directions or just took pictures of the area, the grass field, the border of the city...

so, back to "normal" or... "scheduled", we had to go to another city to make a couple of presentations for a Scout Troop, Kjara has a Kandersteg (International Scout Center) presentation, and i had about Perú. we had a nice time there!

2009 Slovakia
Giving the presentations

right after the presentation we got to go to the camping place we already agreed, not far away from Červený Kameň Castle, in the outskirts of Modra or Častá (Kjara please help me with the locations!). Although the Castle was very interesting, what i enjoyed the most was the musical festival with those folk (?) styles haha. i think that maybe if we would had been drunk there was the chance to go and join all the people who was drunk...

My tour didn't include the whole country and even when we were pretty busy with activities going on, i know there is a lot more of Slovakia to see. I enjoy my time there a lot thanks to Kjara, she is a great guide and very energetic person that i enjoy hanging out with :) Tomas was also great and very helpful on the weekend we spent camping, and i sooo envy his camera!!! Well, there some more Slovakia to see (check on the map below the places i went, just locations), and i would go back at any time and longer... 1 week was not enough!

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and even when this video was already in polish territory, it is part of my trip to Slovensko, when in the train going back to Poland. i had a route but the train inspector came and after checking she gave a new route i wanted to understand in order to look for the trains in the stations... she saved me 2 hours travelling and 1 stop over, so i appreciate it :D i just had to play the fool for some minutes :P hehe