October 8, 2009

Master Baca Rossi, thanks for your (imaginary) coin!

it was a day like any other, me on the hall arriving early for my scout meeting in my school and taking a walk around, when i meet Enrique SJ (one of the school priests) as i could had met any other time, it was not weird... but this time he was with someone else taking a tour on the scultures in the hall. Even when Enrique SJ told me there is no need to mention "as always"... i have to say that i looked pretty much "as always" that day, that means i haven't shaved myself in some days, my hair was a little messy and i was probably wearing sandals (but i don't remember that much). So, my apparience was not exactly for a job interview (of course!), and when this old guy who was joining Enrique SJ around the school looked at me, he put his hand into his pocket and acted like if he was holding a coin, then grabbed my hand and put this not-real-coin on it. right after he did so, he made this signal of "shave" (or "performed the action" might be better. Then, it was a very graphical way to say "u need to shave"). so, i was in front of this crazy old guy staring at Enrique SJ trying to look for an answer and Enrique SJ just gave me a very excited smile, like he was having a lot of fun while i was totally... hum... not "shocked" but... hum... "confused"...?

look at this guy, it was (for me) an awkward moment and didn't know to say "u are crazy" on a polite way :P I was wondering about him... of course someone Enrique SJ knows, but who is he!? well, i don't care, he is crazy and i do some crazy stuff sometimes, so it's fine. i have to point out that this happend in my mind all in less than a second, probably... but i left after saying good bye while Enrique was delighted. so i asked... Quique (this is how we call him), why are u smiling that much and having such a good time while i'm so confused?? oh!! u have no idea!! u have to be grateful that Master Baca Rossi just sort-of-gave you the coin! wonderful! (ok, not exactly the words... but it was pretty much like that). Master Baca Rossi... ok, thanks, bye! (of course, no clue who he was)

if u are a simple mortal u wouldn't know who i'll speak about. if u are an ignorant mortal u won't even care a bit... at least u are a mortal a little higher on the average. do u know anything about art? well, i'm just a mortal too,haha... but i can share some stuff. would u say that giving a present to the Pope can be considered as an important fact? i'm sure u can't deny so, no matter what kind of excuse u want to use! ;) but, what if this a present given by a president? it should be a very good and valueable one! after the very nice meeting with Enrique SJ yesterday i recalled this chapter because he was always very pleased to remember how Master Baca Rossi gave me a coin, and making a small research before writting this post, i foudn out some of the work done by this great artist, and also all the prizes and awards given to him by the national government, local governments, universities, schools... he is well recognized and he... gave me an imaginary coin! haha

take a look to his statue:

this statue is made of silver by Master Baca Rossi (i found that out today), and was a persent given to the Pope Juan Pablo II (i don't remember his name in English) by the peruvian President Fernando Belaúnde. It is now on the Vatican Museum (or one of them i Google it and found many places). We can find statues in very important places in Lima and Perú, for example: The Hippodrome of Monterrico, Government Palace, Acho Square, Small Segura Theather Square, Phillip Royal Castle, Headquarters of the Andean Community, the National Library and more...
I'm far away of being an art critic, but if has recieved so many awards and his sculptures are all around the Stare Miasto (polish way to say "city-historical-center") they must be very well considered and i do think those pieces are very good :)

i won't anything about style or artistic because it would be a task for Marcela, my Senior year school teacher :) but i like those statues! and i've always admire the way plastic artist try to speak by their hands... i'd like myself to develop way more my skills on that way, hehe

Source: http://www.bacarossi.com/

So, now u understand me??? i had this great encounter with this magnificent artist and i almost told him "old man, r u crazy?" haha... and he even gave me an imaginary coin! Enrique SJ tells me I have a very interesting anecdote with Master Baca Rossi, and now that i made my homework and got to know a bit more of him... feels good haha, at least "special", good i didn't shave that time!

The pictures u've seen here are from that website, Master Baca Rossi's...
now i can get excited about the idea of getting imaginary money from such famous sculptor :) thanks, Master Bac Rossi!

October 7, 2009

世界童军模拟-台湾花莲 - the beginning (part 1)

the beginning

i am proud i represented my country as the only delegate on the XII World Scout Moot held in Hualien-Taiwan. i made it to Taiwan due to a scholarship offered to the Peru Scout Asociation (ASP) by the Taroko Operation. Now, while writting, i see i have these days totaly printed on my mind, i can even feel the heat when being there and all the moments with my friends and people special :) estoy orgulloso de haber representado a mi país como su único delegado en la XII Asamblea Mundial Rover, llevada a cabo en Hualien-Taiwán. Pude participar gracias a una beca ofrecida a la Asociación de Scouts del Perú por la Operación Taroko. Ahora que escribo esto, veo que todavía tengo los días impresos en mi memoria y hasta puedo sentir algo del calor tropical y vislumbrar los momentos especiales que pasé con mis amigos. 


I got the notice of a scholarship one day at the university, while in the middle of a class my friend Demis gave me a call and after being very misterious and query if i had a passport, told me there was the chance to go somewhere abroad for scouting... that same day i had the 1st scout camp with my Troop that year and i was in charge of this activity, so as any scout leader in world can imagine i was very stressed out with all the preparation and parents calls, specially. FYI, the camp was going to be held inside the school where my Scout Group runs. When already in the school i recieved a phone cal saying i had an internview for this scholarship at 19:00... when my camp started at 17:00! and i only had 1 person as support during the 1st hours of the camp... and because it was my responsiblity i talked to him, my friend Arturo aka Gandalf, and told him: "don't worry, i won't go... i'll stay here checking everything is fine because it is my responsibility". me enteré de la beca por mi amigo Demis un día en la universidad, en medio de una clase (me llamó y me dijo que era urgente conversar, y si tenía pasaporte). Ese mismo día tenía un campamento con mi Tropa Scout en mi colegio, dentro de la ciudad, y yo estaba a cargo de la actividad y como cualquier Jefe de Tropa estaba estresado por todo lo que había que hacer y la poca ayuda que tenía. Cuando llegué al colegio recibí una llamada para ir a una entrevista por la beca... a las 7pm! y eran las 4pm, mi campamento empezaba en una hora!!! y sólo mi amigo Arturo (apodado "Gandalf") me ayudaba. Le dije que no lo iba a dejar solo con los scouts, me iba a quedar porque el campamento era mi responsabilidad. 

to picture the following lines, i have to say Arturo is a head and a half taller than me, so maybe u can imagine how imponent he might look sometimes :P well, the thing is he heard me and inmediatly grabbed me by the shirt and scout scarf and told me with his eyes full of blood: "Go" (but in spanish, of course!). my legs were above the ground and because of this bully expression i knew he was being serious and it was better not to let him be angry... so i run away!! haha... and went to have this interview with the National Scout Chief. when i arrived i started this interview after some minutes waiting... para graficar las siguientes líneas, debo decir que Arturo es una cabeza y media más alto que yo, así que pueden imaginarse lo imponente que puede verse :P Pasa que cuando me escuchó decir que me quedaba... me agarró de la pañoleta y ya no pude tocar el piso, me miró con cara de furia y los ojos llenos de sangre y me dijo "anda" con un tono serio que nunca usa (¡eso me intimidó más!), y como mide 1,98 m no dudé en hacerle caso y huí a la entrevista.

LT: what do think about the National Scout Association? ¿Qué piensas de la Asociación Nacional?
Me: Really, i think it is waaay unorganized, how is it possible u set an interview on the same day with just some hours between?... is not a job, and we have to study, to work... and i'm suppossed to be in the middle of my camp but i had to come to talk to you, come on... if there would be some scheduling it will all work better...! (yeah, i know... for an interview, possibly the worse answer ever!)
Yo: En verdad, creo que es demasiado desorganizada, ¿cómo es posible que coordinen una entrevista para el mismo día y para colmo sólo un par de horas antes? ...no es un trabajo, tengo que estudiar y trabajar... ¡y estoy en medio de un campamento del que soy responsable! pero no, tuve que venir a entrevistarme, por favor... ¡si hubiera un poco de planificación sería mucho mejor! (ya se, la peor respuesta en la historia)
LT: hum... so, tell me: how do u expect me to send abroad someone who thinks like that of his own scout association? hum... entonces, dime: ¿por qué esperarías que yo envíe al exterior a alguien que piensa así de su asociación nacional scout?
Me: hum... you are right, but well... that's what i think. doesn't mean i don't want it better
Yo: hum... tienes razón, pero bueno... es lo que pienso. no significa que no quiera que mejore.
LT: i like your honesty! please fill out this application... ¡Me gusta tu honestidad! Por favor llena esta aplicación...
Me: Ok...
(it is not exactly how it happend, but finally... it was not faaar away from reallity)
(no es exactamente como pasó, pero finalmente... no está muy lejos de la realidad)

so... in theory i understood i was the chosen one, so i called home to check my passport number (on that time i didn't remember its number), and i had a very interesting surprise when my mom told me "###... oh! but it has expired!!!" así que yo entendía que, en teoría, yo era el que había sido elegido, así que llamé a mi casa para que me dijeran el número de mi pasaporte (en ese tiempo no me acordaba mi #), y tuveuna muy interesante sorpresa cuando my mamá me decía por el teléfono: "###... oh! parece que ha expirado!!!"

(to be continued...)


As per the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) definition, Moots are...
Según la definición de la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout (OMMS), los Moots son:

World Scout Moots are gatherings of members of senior branches of National Scout Associations (traditionally called Rovers) and other young adult members.
Participants range in age from 18 to 26. Moots provide an opportunity for young adults in Scouting to meet together with the objective of improving their international understanding as citizens of the world. Los Moots Mundiales son reuniones de miembros de las ramas mayores de las Asociaciones Scouts Nacionales (tradicionalmente llamados "Rovers") y otros adultos jóvenes miembros. El rango de edad de los participantes es desde los 18 hasta los 26 años. Los Moots ofrecen la oportunidad a los jóvenes adultos en el Escultismo de encontrarse con el objetivo de mejorar el entendimiento internacional como ciudadanos del mundo.

Source: http://www.scout.org/en/information_events/events/world_events/world_moot
Traducido al español por @fonchobaggins (translated to spanish by)

Go check the World Organization of the Scout Movement and check for some evens, if you want...
I hope that if you get the chance to go to any of this kind of international activities you are up for and do even more than you can to go. Believe me, you won't regret and will never forget ;) Puedes ver la página de la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout y revisar algunos eventos, si quieres... y espero que de tener la opción de ir a alguna de estas actividades internacionales no lo dudes y hagas más que todo lo posible!