November 26, 2009

The Killers Concert - Lima, 19 Nov 2009

on the corner of Main Stree, just trying to keep in line...
when i heard they were comming i already knew it would be a great concert, even when i just listen to a couple of songs.. mainly on the radio, but i knew they were becoming more and more famous... so i decided to give it a shot and go to the concert, i'll have time to listen to more of them (The Killers)

somebody told me, that u have a boyfriend
i also knew my friend nicknamed "Gandalf" was a big fan, so because he doesn't like bad music i had more arguments to attend this event... but, of course, in my way... with not an expensive ticket :P hehe. and it finally came.... Nov 19th and i had my tickets to get to see this awesome band! look at the stage! they are there!!
coooome wiiiith meeeee

i'm comming out of my cage
because my ticket was cheap, as i already said, i had to be happy with the distance i got to the stage... even i took a good shot, i think, even with the big distance... it was better for me to look at the big screen right next to the stage... see Brandon singing something here :P

how did it end up like this!?
so, because i enjoyed the concert a lot i decided to buy a t-shirt, so as my friend Elise... and here u can see us with ours. thank God we managed to find small sizes, due to the t-shirts had a lot of demand...
are we humans or are we dancers?

so think i might cross over...
such a great night... and i shared it with my friends Elise, Calacho and Yeye :D
and... before leaving this post, i think it would be accurate to share some music of the Killers, so u can become one of their victims too :) (this is how they call their fans)
smile like u mean it! :D

so, this videos are:
1. Somebody told me
2. Mr. Brightside
3. Read my mind
4. Bones
and sorry for not insert them here, but that option was deactivated for them :(

and if u wanna check some more info
Official site: