December 27, 2009

so there goes the 2009

i was not not going to make a 2009 review on me, but after readings Nano's... i think it can b nice, specially if i just focus on the good part :p by the way... how good and accurate is to share the bad one with the rest of the world? hum...

2009 started with me working on Huawei, at the time the 3rd biggest telecomunication company in the world, in the Supply Chain Management Area as the Warehouse Supervisor. Good salary, good acknowledge of the duties, very productive area and full of professional people i respect and enjoyed working. it was very nice to share the work with chinese guys, they can have such a different perspective of everything and having an english speaking environment was good as well. i left it to go ahead with my academic life and work on my thesis. i learned a lot here, and i am very glad of my experience... 

Huawei Logistics Team - January 2009

January had a nice surprise for me and my school mates, due to a football-7 tournament we organized among all the classrooms. even when we are 5 classrooms, we could just get 4 to play. after 3 games, we became champions :D see us with the cup :D

Equipo de la "C" con la copa :)
We are the champions ♪

i resigned Huawei by the end of February, and my plans of making my thesis were interrupted by a sudden participation on the AIESEC project "Enter your Future", held in Poland. I was matched, made the paper work and red tape in less than two weeks... and so more stuff u can check on the blog (more likely to just a website) i created for so, even when i didn't updated it while travelling but afterwards. If u want to check it, go F - Enter your future 2009, Poland. I went faaar away with all my savings in my pocket and stayed in Poland 3 months running workshops about entrepreneurship. I departed on March to Wroclaw...

F's longest journey in 2009: Lima - Wroclaw

2009 Wroclaw, Poland
Ratusz - Rynek

nice coincidence i could visit Gulmaro in Warszawa, he fall in love with a pole and went there to live. i met my friend Gulmaro in Huawei... hehe. the trip left me many nice people on my memory and wonderful places visited. the workshop made me realize how much i like making presentations and living in an international environment, so i am using this ideas to set my plan for 2010 and more... i took the chance to visit my friend Kjara in Slovakia and i even made it to Budapest.

right after leaving the airport, back in Lima in June, i started working again with my Scout Group, things were not going as they were supposed to and because it is my responsibility i decided to do something. so, as usual since some years ago, we organized this camp named "Dlala" so students can get to know what we do in scouting. it was a blast! great camp, i have to say...
i love scouting and it is always my pleasure to belong to the Scout Movement :)
check more about it here: DLALA 2009

Dlala 2009 - Foto Oficial 

F holding official t-shirt of the event

i joined my senior-year-football-team on the Alumni tournament. after 9 years of being out of school, it was the 1st time i entered the team, wich was a nice feeling... but being so few at trainings was not. we made it to quarter finals, and we lost against the ones who became champions. i had a small injury that didn't allow me to play for 3 weeks. i do need to keep doing exercise...

Equipo de la Promoción Pedro Arrupe 2000 SJ
Campeonato ASIA 2009

from July to October i have to admit i abandoned myself into not-exactly-productive-work. at least i had no salary, that's what i wanted to mean :P hehe. while in Poland i liked the idea, organization and activities AIESEC had, so i joined them here in the Local Committee in my university. between this and my Scout Group i certainly had enough to do during the week :P but i know, no excuse... i should had been making research for my thesis :( bad i was that irresponsible. I participated organizing the Global Village and the Local Committee Congress (LCC). Both went pretty good i think... and i had to cook a lot on the 2nd one. (yeah... me, cooking... haha)

CLUL 2009 - Global Village

CLUL 2009 - Local Comittee Congress's OC

n the worst news this year, it was that a very good friend died. he was a priest and teacher in my school n always push me to improve myself, sometimes a bit more that i can stand, but i appreciate his motivation and philosophy. his name is Jorge and i wrote a bit in spanish, mainly what it was said on the mass of his funeral. it was also bad that i couldn't get to know Patch Adams was comming to Perú on time, a friend told me so just the day after he made his activities... i was really annoyed!

in the meanwhile of my non-really-working-time i traveled to Pucallpa, in the middle of the peruvian jungle, to visit a friend because of his wedding... think this was in September. short but nice trip... and full of anecdotes worth to remember haha.

2009 Pucallpa, Perú
F by the Amazon River

while still focused on doing my thesis, i accepted to work for a friend on his company, with a prostitute-working-schedule (weekends nights until 4am). Logistics, Accounting, System updating... i'm still there and even when i'm killing myself with the schedule and not having activities at that time, it has been good because i do want to join my friend in the "entrepreneur club" and develop something myself. i'm not far away of it, though :) and thinking on that i took a course on international commerce: tools to export and import, in my university... the most expensive course i paid ever! and i didn't learn as much as i wanted.... but.... at least it seems i'm quiet ready for the international commerce :D

This year i received the visit of 2 friends: Milo from Ecuador and Maru from Argentina :) I stayed in Milo's when i went to his country in 2006 and at Maru's in 2005 for the same reason. Actually, they are siblings of my friends Lyda (Ecuador) and Maq (Argentina), who i met while in Taiwan in 2004. I took them around to show them my city... seems they had a good time :)

Hanging out with Milo

...and with Mariana :)

great year for concerts... not only made it to The Killers (see pics here), but to James Blunt on summer (i think it was January). i'm also glad my favorite peruvian football team won the local tournament and that i made it post more than last year, i hope i can keep writting and hope people like it...

and... to end the year i have a job again :) and i haven't dropped the other with my friend, so now i'm holding 2 and on my free time i'm spending it mostly at home. it won't be the same for long though, it just to fair for my body and social life :) and we need them to be healthy. i think i'm paying, somehow, for all the months i haven't been very productive

not bad year, in general, but i am very very demanding with my goals and stuff i do... and i didn't fulfill my main objective this year: my thesis :( so, i need to complete it asap next year. i also want to go for a Master Programme, still need to pick up the other 2 options i'll manage (i already have 1 very decided)

thanks everyone around who help to make my life special and give me your support and even when 2009 hasn't been what i expected towards my academic objectives, it has been great for other fields. on the balance... i think it's positive.

because we are still on the Christmas season, i wanted to share this video i love...
wishing all my family and friends all the best
(if u are not my friend, i wish u the same too, don't worry! ;))

December 21, 2009

going to the stadium... Peruvian Football Final Playoff 2009, Final Game

This is our destination, the "Monumental" Stadium in the distric of "Ate".
The date we went was December 13rd, 2009. Was hard to find tickets, they were all sold so we had to buy on the "black market" :p The game was the 2nd and last games on the Playoffs for the National Football Tournament.


so... here we go...

there u can see the line we made to walk into the stadium. the game was at 15:30 but we arrived 12:30 i think and we had to make the queue (line?), and we were even late due to we agreed to meet at 11:30! (my bad, i should had left my home before... and there was a lot of traffic, come on... give me a break!). when we entered the stadium, named "Monumental", it was 40% full... and we had to wait 3 hours to the beginning of the game... i was lucky i didn't see my friend Néstor in some months and before that 1 year and before that many years (oh, damn... i sound so old...), so we had time to catch up and talk as the friends we've always been. so, then it was about time i started to record a video, with the hope i'll get my team entering into the field.

and i haven't said anything about my local team... hum... my bad.
it's named "Universitario de Deportes", or just "U" :P founded in 1924 and wearing always the "cream" jersey :P i am fan since 1992, i think because mainly my dad is a fan himself.. but i liked the colors of the uniform, how they played... it didn't take much to like that team. even when i became fan on 1992, i think the 1st game i saw was the year after, against Sporting Cristal. ok, that just as historial data hehe, i don't want to go deep on that subject this time... but i'll just add the 1st game i went to ee was with my dad in 1999 i think... but for sure it was a friendly game against the "classic rival", "Alianza Lima". My team lost that day :'(

well, I'm not a big fan of going to the stadium, basicly because if i don't drive i have to spend lot of time going back home, but anyway... is fun to go from time to time to enjoy that special atmosphere there... with all the people (or at least "most") hoping for the same team, singing the same song we all wearing the team-some-year-jerseys, of course this destroys the importance of being an individual, but as i said... from time to time is fun :) my team's stadium is not very close to my place either... normally takes like an hour to get there by bus, and because of the traffic flow it is worse when there is a game :/

u saw some red and cream-color balloons, we got 'em according to our place in the tribune. for my area, we got red. they usually don't give any material, but this was a special game due to the importance: the 2nd game of the Final Playoffs and final game on the year, where my team could became the champion if they will tie or win the game.

when i realize i'm in the middle of some crowded celebration i trend to get my mind away and watch everything in perspective; and in this particular case when going to the stadium i turn to feel like a Roman hoping for a gladiator in the Colisseum (yeah, i'm crazy...). is +/- the same... people enjoying, shouting, screaming and interested on what's going on in the arena... just football players instead of gladiators, even when sometimes they confuse those words themselves :p

so, this time my team played very well, as they usually did on the tournament, and won 1-0, usual this year too. anyway, it was enough to become champions again, after 9 years, and it was great to share with people in the stadium. it was so crowded that even on the corridors people were sitting and standing, i was right next to it and after a while i felt some arm around my shoulder and i knew it wasn't my friend so i turned around and it was this unknown guy just watching the game very focused and holding my shoulder like looking for some support for his anguish. this stadium really turns into a party when the teams gets the result and people sing!

this previous pic is the only one i didn't take because i was on the tribune that appears on the picture, and i got very bad luck when the organizers decided to set a stage with that panel on the back... 3/4 of the stadium couldn't see well when the players recieved the cup, i just notices because of the confetti :p So, after many hours of being waiting for the game and then watching it, it was the time to go back home...... along with all those 70000 people in the place. please imagine how easy or hard it is to take some kind of transportation :) well... lets leave the stadium now :p

December 18, 2009

new job on December 2009

it happened very fast... after applying i went to an interview, and 2 weeks after i received a call on monday night to go for an interview on tuesday morning (1st hour), and got a phone call by night that tuesday requesting me to be at the office on wednesday to start. so... i went.

again, i'm working in Logistics and is good to be involved in such another environment with new procedures and ideas to set rules. by now is kinda slow because my boss wants me to learn calmly, and i really have no complains but i hope i can get more tasks soon. the sad part is that my salary is not as good as before, but because my savings are a lame now i needed to come back to work even when my thesis is not finished. well, back to the warehouse supervising... hehe

this new job is on one the highest buildings in Lima, and because we have earthwuakes from time to time i am kinda scared it might catch me while working... i am now on the 20th floor of a 23-story-building, the view is amazing and distracting, the building looks interesting. of course it is not like the Taipei101 or the Empire State, but still interesting.

and as i already said, the view is great, never been so high in Lima inside a building (beacause on the hills is completely a whole different story). i took the following pics and i think it would be hard not to take nice pictures being so high, so i hope to take some more nicer and get some credit with some art i might add, hehe. and its great that employees can go out for a while to smoke a bit or just to relax... and have lunch! there are some tables and a sunbling (?) and even in winter is not bad (remember winters in this city don't get lower than +14ºC... by now, damn global warming!)

so, that's it by now... :)