December 18, 2009

new job on December 2009

it happened very fast... after applying i went to an interview, and 2 weeks after i received a call on monday night to go for an interview on tuesday morning (1st hour), and got a phone call by night that tuesday requesting me to be at the office on wednesday to start. so... i went.

again, i'm working in Logistics and is good to be involved in such another environment with new procedures and ideas to set rules. by now is kinda slow because my boss wants me to learn calmly, and i really have no complains but i hope i can get more tasks soon. the sad part is that my salary is not as good as before, but because my savings are a lame now i needed to come back to work even when my thesis is not finished. well, back to the warehouse supervising... hehe

this new job is on one the highest buildings in Lima, and because we have earthwuakes from time to time i am kinda scared it might catch me while working... i am now on the 20th floor of a 23-story-building, the view is amazing and distracting, the building looks interesting. of course it is not like the Taipei101 or the Empire State, but still interesting.

and as i already said, the view is great, never been so high in Lima inside a building (beacause on the hills is completely a whole different story). i took the following pics and i think it would be hard not to take nice pictures being so high, so i hope to take some more nicer and get some credit with some art i might add, hehe. and its great that employees can go out for a while to smoke a bit or just to relax... and have lunch! there are some tables and a sunbling (?) and even in winter is not bad (remember winters in this city don't get lower than +14ºC... by now, damn global warming!)

so, that's it by now... :)

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