January 12, 2010

re-encounter with Rodrigo

Rodrigo Fernández 2010

After high school he started studying in the univ, as (almost?) everyone in the classroom... Systems Engineering, after his father and in a good university in Lima (UPC). Besides his studies, he always kept practicing juggling (at our time in school, very few were into this... don't know if it changed) and even went to the streets corners to juggle just for fun... he always had fun everywhere. Now that i think about it... he is one of the happiest persons i've ever met. Well, he realized engineering was not for him and decided to enrol into the Seminar and go through God's paths... and still juggling :)

So, during my last trip (this past weekend, a very quick one) i made to meet him for some minutes... it was a while since i saw him because he went to another city (named Arequipa, 1 hour away by plane from Lima). Even when i had the address, we needed (i went to visit him with my family) some directions to arrive to the building (you know, th Seminar, and we were very lucky that we found one of the priests in the street who guided us. That was not the only coincidence: the day i went to visit him, it was the only day off he had, because he was in the middle of the 1-month-Spiritual-Exercise. Coincidence... or God's will? haha... who knows? :P (God knows!)

Rodrigo the Juggling Priest & F, 2010
i've known him since 1990, on our 1st grade in elementary school... and we were in the same classroom (all the classroom, in fact... not only the 2 of us) for 11 years, played basketball together and gone camping a few times. around the 2nd year in high school he learned to juggle and kinda specialized on it. On our senior year he used a lot of those juggling instruments and was able to dribble (manage?) up to 5 balls at a time. He becamse some kind of celebrity among the classrooms when we recognized him as one of the jugglers in the grade... and now he is studying to become a priest. Life is interesting, hu?

He was always a good student and never gave any problem to teachers. Educated, intelligent and very creative. It was said that his IQ was almost as high as a genius. If this last sentence is true... then that can explain why there are so few priest compared to all the population, people might need to have a superior understanding and intelligence to see what we really need in life. In the Seminar, he taught the other students to juggle and he learned how to cook and live with them as a comunity. I visited him on sunday with my family and we all were very happy with the meeting. u can imagine, after 11 years together in school and remaining as friends since graduation... makes us brothers, a family of 38 siblings.

Rodrigo & F, 2000

To leave everything and take that decision, he is not only smart and happy... he has balls (but this is just an expression, i cannot confirm this biologically). I am very happy to have a friend like him (not because he has balls, but because he is decided and brave) and i wish him the best. My dad calls him "The Monsignor" (an ecclesiastic title), but we know titles are not important but enjoying the time we give to our activities, and what better than be dedicated to serve and love?

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