February 2, 2010

mommy, who took the sun away? :(

ok, i'm about to get to the middle of my theoretical summer and i just had 1 week of sun and heat. damn global warming! i won't deny it is nice to get myself walking to work wearing my suit without more chances of sweating whith this cloudy days, but come on... it doesn't look like going to the beach will be worthy!
ok... i'm a bit more relaxed now. so, lets write...
bueno, estoy casi a la mitad de lo que se supone es mi verano y a las justas he tenido 1 semana de sol y calor. maldito calentamiento global! no voy a negar que es mejor para llegar caminando a mi trabajo vestido en terno con mejores posibilidades de evitar sudar, pero... no dan ganas de ir a la playa

One or two years it was very easy to describe the weather in my home-city. I always said the highest temperature in summer was 35ºC and the lowest in winter 14ºC (i know it's a big city, but around where i live is like that), average humidity was close to 80% in summer and it could reach 100% in winter (according to the humidity formula, it would be like breathing water, right?). No hurricanes nor tornados, no storms or strong winds; but earthquakes from time to time and no rain (but this tiny drops we get from time to time and it can hardly be catalog as "rain"). I like it... i mean, i know it can be very differnent: winter does not reach the -20ºC i had in Cedar City, USA or the 37ºC at night in the summer at Taiwan. now it seems it is a bit harder to describe it, mainly because we are in the beginning of February and these are the 1st sunny days we had since summer started (end of december) and we are finally feeling some heat.
hace unos años era muy fácil describir el clima limeño, pero de un tiempo aquí vemos que la normalidad ha sido transtornada y las condiciones que en un momento eran extremas resulta que son más comunes e inclusive las estaciones se han vuelto impredecibles, como con la constante garúa de los primeros días de verano y la nula presencia del sol a la fecha (con excepción de un par de días).

so i think i'm not over reacting when complaining (or at least "give an opinion" / "talk about" / whatever...) about the climate change. it is really messing up with me! that 14ºC i mentioned... is extreme! so it happend every 5 years or so, with "El Niño" Phenomenon, so as the hight tempertures in summer... otherwise the weather is even more temperate. The firsts days this year we had the amount of "rain" we get in the whole year in my city... (i already said i can't really call "rain" to what we have)... not fun, specially when i'm golding a 2nd job n need to leave that office at 4am... all cold and "rainy". Summer is not (supossed to be) cloudy, winter is!... but i'm wondering if all the clouds so far this summer mean the seasons have changed their dates, that are usually accurate... will i need to go away somewhere?
creo que tengo todo el derecho de quejarme, o al menos pronunciarme al respecto, el calentamiento global de verdad se está metiendo conmigo! mi verano no se supone que sea tan nublado... el invierno sí! ahora que están cambiando las estaciones, será momento de migrar?

well... i am not going to talk about all the science behind this, or recommend people to recycle and take care of the environment as much as we can do as citizens... because that is so freaking obvious!!! i really hope we, the human race, can turn this situation... otherwise i hope to live short enought not to see how the planet is finally destroyed by inside. by the way, and focusing on the peruvian side of the problem, we have natural disasters often, but they are not as heavy or strong as the ones i am mentioning in the next lines. these are news from El Comercio, the best peruvian newspaper. News regarding some natural disasters...
No voy a meterme a explicar toda la teoría del cambio climático, ni tampoco a recomendar que se recicle y cuide del medio ambiente tanto como podemos hacerlo los ciudadanos... porque de verdad que es demasiado obvio!!! de verdad espero que, como especie, podamos revertir esta situación, caso contrario espero no vivir mucho para ver al planeta destruido por dentro.
Noticias de El Comercio, el mejor periódico peruano. Noticias sobre algunos desastres naturales:

-Flood n el Callao (Inundación en el Callao)
-Ports close due to heavy surge (Puertos cierran por fuerte marea)
-Earthquake in the middle of peruvian jungle (Terremoto en Pucallpa)
-Cusco in emergency due to rains (Cusco en emergencia por lluvias)

Check here where this news are located
Mira de dónde se ubican las noticias

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i have the feeling this will get worse and worse.... and there will a time where there will be no place to remain calm. of course i can b wrong... but... hum... well... hope there is some turning point.
tengo la impresión que esto se pondrá peor y peor, y finalmente no habrá lugar dónde estar tranquilo, aunque por supuesto que me puedo equivocar... pero... hum... bueno... ojalá haya un punto de retorno.

i would like to thank to my friend Kulka for the title.... hope she will not get angry when checking this post title is very similar to some status she left in Facebook. her original status was "who stole the sun", i remember... hola Kulkita! :D

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