March 10, 2010

Fonczowski przybyciu do Polska ... 1 rok temu

From F - Enter Your Future

my polish is faaaar away of being even "poor", but i have many good memories from this trip... one of the longest i've ever taken that it really doesn't seem to be so long ago! my journey to arrive to Wroclaw was a bit long... even getting to Taipei-Taiwan was faster ("just" 19 hours by plane + 4 hours stop over, this time i departed friday night and arrived to my destination on monday night). and... if we check an Earth's globe... it look like an interesting path, specially when going somewhere unknown. but... Wroclaw is not "unknown" anymore :)

From F - Enter Your Future

There is enough information about my experience there in other blog, so i'm not planning to share all the stuff again... i just wanted to recall (to myself? well, is my blog, right? :P ) how safe it feels over there, the beautiful architecture, the challenging language (or at least the "challenging situations" when i needed to communicate with someone, because i don't speak polish and certainly not all the poles in the street speak english). thank God i was usually with someone from AIESEC to help me around and talk to the "natives" :P hehe

besides how great was my trip, i still need to check a lot of more of this beautiful land... as u can see i wasn't in many places (or as many places as i wanted to be). in my agenda are: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Poznan, Lodz (for a longer term), Lublin, Radom... and maybe other u can recommend me :)

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it was very hard to land again where my body was... even when i came back in June 2009, i think my mind finished returning by September (aprox, of course). lets see what i can do to go back some when
so... Polska, see ya soon :)

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