April 3, 2010

Guns N Roses Concert - Lima, 25 Marzo 2010

the first seconds i heard from them were on the radio, at 3am some friday morning when in school (or "thursday night", if you prefer). i really liked that guitar solo on Sweet child o' mine, so i started looking for the band and some more songs, wich was no hard. then i got the Use your ilussion I & II... and sooo looooved the Appetite for destruction. some weeks after i heard them on the radio that night, when i fall asleep doing my art homework... i wanted sooo baaad to go to a Guns's concert. los primeros segundos que escuché de ellos fueron en la radio, a las 3am de un viernes en el cole. de verdad q el solo en Sweet child o' mine estuvo bueno, así que empecé a buscar cómo se llamaba el grupo... y no fue complicado hallarlo ni obterner + canciones. Conseguí los Illusions y amé el Appetite for destruction. después de algunas semanas en que los escuché por radio esa vez que me quedé dormido haciendo mi tarea de arte... soñaba con un concierto de Guns.

afortunadamente no me quedé Knockin' on the stadium's door, i pude saciar mi Bad Obsession de ir al concierto de Guns, casi entro en Coma cuando Axl entró al escenario... mientras me decía a mí mismo Don't Cry. It's so easy perdonarlo por la tardanza... estuvo todo So Fine! sólo necesitamos un poco de Patience :) luckly, we were not just Knockin' on the stadium's door, so i could calm my Bad Obsession of going into a Guns concert, i almost got into Coma when Axl entered the stage, while i told myeslf Don't Cry. It's so easy to forgive him for being late... everything was So fine! all we need is a little Patience :)

i'm a cold heartbreaker
fit ta burn and i'll rip your heart in two
n I'll leave you lyin' on the bed
i'll be out the door before ya wake
it's nothin' new ta you
'cause I think we've seen that movie too

'cause you could be mine
but you're way out of line
with your bitch slap rappin'
n ur cocaine tongue
you get nuthin' done
i said you could be mine

bueno, lo mejor del concierto fue
well, the best of the concert was:

  • Knockin' on Heaven's door (great public response, gran respuesta del público)
  • November rain (read below, lee + abajo)
  • Sweet child o' mine
  • Welcome to the jungle (watch video! mira el video!)
  • Paradise City (read below and watch video! lee + abajo y mira el video!)

i enojoyed "You could be mine" and "Rocket Queen" way too much :D but because of public's response i can't consider them of the best in the night... aunque no puedo considerar "You could be mine" & "Rocket Queen" comode las mejores de la noche por la respuesta del público, de verdad que las disfruté! :D

welcome to the jungle, we've got fun 'n' games
we got everything you want... honey, we know the names
we are the people that can find, whatever you may need
if you got the money, honey we got your disease

the bottle incident
(yeah, its ok... the "bottle incident", not the spaghetti one)

i still want to kill this bastard who threw a bottle into Axl... we went to the concert for him (Axl)! we were waiting for him... we payed our freakign money for him... and this "#$%&/ threw a bottle into him! wtf!? didn't he know how Axl could react to that?? damn guy.. lucky him Axl didn't stop the concert more than to aware of people to enjoy the event. todavía quiero asesinar al hijo de puta que le tió una botella a Axl... fuimos al concierto por él (Axl)! lo esperamos! pagamos nuestra maldita playa para ver a Axl... y este "#$%&*¨ le tira una botella!!! q carajos!? no sabe lo volátil que es Axl??? maldito imbécil... por suerte para él (que tiró la botella) Axl no paró el concierto más que para pedir que no arrojen huevadas y que nos divirtamos

When I look into your eyes
i can see a love restrained
but darlin' when I hold you
don't u know I feel the same
'cause nothin' lasts forever
n we both know hearts can change
n it's hard to hold a candle
in the cold November rain

Guns N Roses, Concert in Lima 2010 - Axl Rose performing November Rain
(i'm sorry about the quality of the image, but my camera is not that good... and i was not precisely "close")

no fue con la que la gente vibró +, y aunque fue la única canción en donde extrañé a "/" (Slash), la interpretación de Axl en el piano es genial. wasn't the one with the people vibrated the most, and even it was the only song when i missed "/" (Slash), Axl's performance on the piano was brillian.

take me down to the Paradise City
where the grass is green
n the girls are pretty
oh, won't you please take me hooooooooome

playing the national anthem just took all public's heart into their pockets... no better way to start the last song but not least... tocar el Himno Nacional nos metió a todos al bolsillo de los Guns. No hubo mejor manera de empezar la última canción de la noche...


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