August 16, 2010

Patch Adams n Lima... but not me :(

so... today Patch is in Lima again. it is the 3rd time i heard he has come... and i am in Ilo, a city in the south of Perú.... faaaaar away from the chance of going to this conference, both because of the space n the lack of money after visiting Machu Picchu (not a pending post anymore, and it would be good to say that when i went to visit this World Wonder i didn't know Patch was comming). i wrote this a while ago... waiting for some good day to publish it... even when a day that i am sad for not being there listening to him fits under "good day to publish it". Everything started with the movie...

This movie is from 1998. i have to confess (mainly because i have witnesses that might say something, so i rather save the possible future shame for now) that a couple of tears came off from my eyes on the spaghetti scene, specially. well, i didn't go to the movie theater to watch it, but in the middle of a workshop on 2001 with some friends. we were preparing ourselves to run the Confirmation Programme in my high school, under the advice of my friend Pablo Cárdenas (his blog is in spanish, but if u want to check: click here). it was my 1st year on the "Team" (the ones who run the Programme) and i can say this movie influenced my work there, but also in scouting and even in my personal life. after the movie i associated the face of Patch Adams with Robin Williams, obviously because that was how i "met" Patch, in Robin's face. i hope you, my dear reader, saw the movie so you can understand a bit better this nice feeling anybody can get when watching it. the Patch we see on the movie is careless about what people say on his actions when trying to make somebody happy. he is focused on helping people and do so with the most vulnerable ones (sick people and kids). he is way inspiring with the people around and really we can see he is making an impact on society (sounds what the priests in my high school wanted from a former student, hehe). i can say, without meeting him, that he became one of my personal heroes. Check the trailer of the movie here:

i have to say this whole post was inspired by an interview made to Wendy Ramos, where she told her experience in Clown and meeting Patch Adams. since then i wanted to get involved into the Clown-thing... the interview showed many interesting facts about it. If you want to check Patch's Free Hospital site, check Gesundheit Institute (but i'll leave this subject now, let's go back to the post)

i saw the movie on 2001... now it is 2003 (i know, i know... now when i'm writting is 2010! come on... time travel!) and i was still in the "Team" of the Confirmation Programme (we called this programme just "Confirma", remember it's in spanish), but now as one of the Coordinators, still under the advice of Pablo (i would like to add he was my Theology teacher on 2000). if u are thinking that i saw the movie again, well... no exactly (but yes, it became part of one Reunion... not the entire movie, but an edition). Every year in "Confirma" we started with reunions with the "Coordination Team", the interviews for the new people on the team, and then the workshop i told u about some lines ago. the end of the workshops is the Retreat*. Right after the retreat we agreed to go and see this event on my university (Universidad de Lima), where there was a conference. i was very excited to go this conference, more than any other of quality management or business administration before (remember i studied Industrial Engineering!).

Retreat: "The term retreat has several related meanings, all of which have in common the notion of safety or temporarily removing oneself from one's usual environment in order to become immersed in a particular subject matter" - Wikipedia. ...And i'm using this term focused on this "begin inmersed in a particular subject matter"

we arrived kinda early... but i didn't care about the time. when it was time, then came walking with slow and big steps into the stage... there was my personal hero himself... the great Patch Adams! as soon as he entered there was a great energy on the atmosphere, i was not the only one who felt it! "OMG! Patch in Lima! i'm watching him!" i remember i thought... but in spanish :p hehe. He shared his ideas about making people happy, be concerned about them, spirituality and how to avoid being embarrassed. i would like to remember more of what he said, but i was so excited of his presence there that i was all enchanted just listening to his speech. if u wanna listen to some of his ideas, please check the following video, but only if u have some minutes because it's kinda long...

and i'd like to take the chance to say happy birthday to my great friend Javi Cornejo, we went together (and more people) to watch Patch n Lima n 2003... i still remember how u threw the pillow over me when i tried to wake u up and ur very nice chats on that Retire... among aaaaaall the memories we have together. i love u, bitch!) Feliz Cumpleaños Putita!! :D (ok, ok... the video...)

by the end of the conference there was some time to ask him some questions, and i wanted to try to ask what exactly he was carrying inside that box! (the one he said he takes with him everywhere) i know everybody would had hate me, due to there are more important questions when such kind of celebrity gives a conference, but i was up to stand all the critics and anything that might come from that. i didn't succeed :(

the conference was gone and Patch was still in the stage with some of the clowns he brought and they were letting people take pictures with them, because of the crowd it was almost impossible to be up to get closer, but i didn't care... i tried. it took me a couple of minutes, even asked a friend to take a picture of me with Patch on the background (and on this year the digital cameras were not as "normal" in Perú as they are today) because it seemed to be impossible. well, i made it to get to the middle of the stage (there was a corridor into the middle of the auditorium, attached to the main stage), but Patch was right on the front... i wondered if it would be possible to talk to him if knowing that he had to leave the stage and will be in a hurry. by the way, as it was crowded, it was noisy and everybody wanted to talk to him and take pictures as well.. it was not easy tasks what i wanted to do! well, he started going out of the stage and i called him... "Patch, Patch!"... he turned around and looked at me, approached, bend on his knees and say "Hi". "¿What do u have on that small bag you take with you?", i asked. "Oh... a lot of toys".

it was one of the happiest moments in my life :)

Patch begin himself... (random pic found on the internet)


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