September 6, 2010

Miguel Strogoff, 13 years later...

this is actually a good idea for a story, since Jules Verne didn't continued it at least a bit more... but i refer, in fact, that i got the book again in my hands after 13 years that i couldn't finish reading it at high school... and actually, i'm looking forward to read it again and make a map... because the russian territory is not really familiar to me :P

and if u need some more data about what the book is about, well... this is a story around 1830 i think (couldn't find any fixed date of it), in the Russian Empire. Michel Strogoff is the Captain of the Tzar Courier Corps, and the Tzar himself gives him the mission to deliver an envelop into the city of Irkustk... veeeeeeeeery faaaaaaaaaar awaaaaaaaaay with instructions due to the was agains the tartarian forces. So, he goes... and meets the beautiful, charming and decided Nadia, from Riga, who has to follow the same way. They both are captured, so as Miguel Strogoff's mother - who will be tortured to discover her son. Well, i'm not going to tell the end, of course! but give it a chance.

Recommended... great book!
Next on my agenda: Gulliver's Travels
...and i accept suggestions for the next one :P

I remembered it was a very interesting story (Michel Strogoff's) and some facts about it, like this m*** f*** Ivan Ogareff took Miguel Strogoff's mom as prisioner, and this 2 journalists that go around... the french and the british. Well, i got the book just randomly at my aunt's house... n i was very excited to read it :D it was like 2 years since i read a book, i think... so i'm happy i made it in less than 1 week, since i am a very slow reader... and i have ADD! that's a bad combination :P the thing is that i ate the book in less than 1 week... 285 pages done! haha i'm so powerful :P *happy dance* ®

Michel Strogoff, 1st Edition Book Cover - 1876


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