October 5, 2010

Diana Krall Concert - Lima, 25 Setiembre 2010

You may know that i'm living in another city now... so I cannot attend to all the activities in my home-city Lima, but this weekend i came, among other reasons, to go to Diana Krall's concert. I got no ticket since a friend told me it would be better to buy on the black market. When asking people who wanted to join me to the concert... i mainly had 2 answers from them:
boys: "I rather go to Bon Jovi's concert"
girls: "I rather go to Alejandro Sanz's (or Luis Miguel's) concert"
Not so encouraging answers, hu? well, i finally found a friend who could join me... and even when i tried to communicate before the concert i couldn't reach her. The tickets store was open until 14:00 on Saturdays, but now it was too late for that. So there was me, on the same saturday of the concert, arriving back at home at 19:00 (concert was at 21:00) and with no ticket on hand nor the confirmation of my friend about where to meet. I was feeling over it, thinking that circumstances were not good this time for me... then i kept myself busy with the computer and watched some tv. Then, at 20:00, while i was watching tv, there was this show named "Sonidos del Mundo" ("Sounds of the World"... a great program, i love it!) and the topic for the programme was: Diana Krall.

"No, i refuse to watch a tv show about her... when she is giving a concert tonight in my city!" i said. I grabbed a jacket and went to the place. When i arrived, i looked for a guy who may sell tickets... and of course, and as usual, there were some... and i approached to the closest.

i asked: Do you have tickets?
he said: Yes, I have for the VIP zone...
i thought: Dammit! this is going to be freaking expensive!!! (i got S/. 100 to purchase my ticket, like US$ 35)
i said: do u have for any other zones?
he said: yes, for the Super VIP and Kandavu (the most expensive)
i thought: so, seems VIP can be fine... but not affordable
he said: i can sell u the VIP ticket for only S/. 50,00
i thought: hum... ok, i want it (and then i bought it)

Then i entered... and got captive by Diana's magic. It was incredible! I enjoyed it soooo sooooo much...!!!
I can't believe i was about to avoid going, what was i thinking about!?!?
Diana Krall: i love you.

Well, i have no idea how expensive was the VIP on its original price... but then i checked when back home and it was S/. 276,00 which means i saved S/. 226,00 on my ticket... i got it for 12,18% of the original price!
i got even happier =D

If you have no idea who Diana Krall is, i kindly invite you to take a look to her official website.


Sergio E. Benìtez said...

Os invito a mi blog: http://www.dedicadoadianakrall.blogspot.com/


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