October 2, 2010

i missed Bon Jovi's concert :(

i like the band since 1994... and they were supposed to come to Perú on 1995 i think, or maybe 1994... but they didn't come at the end. This time i was very excited for the chance to go and see them in concert, but because of work i had to leave Lima. Afterwards, I think it was not that bad that i didn't go to the concert, specially after attending Aerosmith's. Bon Jovi has GREAT and AMAZING songs... it is worthy to listen to them at any time, but the band seems not to has such a good performance as Steven Tyler and Cia. Even comparing Jon Bon Jovi with Axl Rose, i think Axl performs better on stage. Los escucho y me gusta desde 1994, y aunque se supone venían para tocar en el '95 ó '94 al final no llegaron. Aparentemente podía ir al concierto, pero por trabajo no pude quedarme en Lima. Igual creo que después de haber ido al concierto de Aerosmith, Bon Jovi tenía una valla altísima para ser EL concierto. Aunque sus canciones son GENIALES, no creo que su presentación en el escenario haya hubiera podido ser grandiosa... la verdad espero menos de Jon que de Axl Rose o Steven Tyler.

i would had loooooved to be at the concert, anyway... i wouldn't had mind, u know? :P
(ampersand)!!! thanks for the call... but please update my cellphone number
me hubiera gustado mucho ir al concierto, finalmente no me hubiera molestado :P
(et)!!! gracias por la llamada, pero please actualiza mi fono ;)



Jazmin said...

Me contaron que a nivel de concierto estuvo increíble ah!

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