November 3, 2010

hey Shou! ¡¡Feliz Cumpleaños!! :)

i know our relationship hasn't been perfect... i'm still sorry that i didn't pick up the pair of the shoe, i had no idea u left both of them! well, on the other hand... i'm stil up about sharing the room 2-2 instead of 3-1, just as a matter of space, no offense, hu? :) but remember i worked for the democracy and helped with the damn bed :P I clearly see... the day u arrived to the city we went for a walk, tht day u got ur shoe broke :P (but it was no my fault!), anyway... it was funny to walk along with u and ur new "just one of my shoes is ok" style hehe. Well... here i have some kinda report of our adventure over the polish territory. Sad u couldn't stay longer! Enjoy.

Learning for the EFY workshops

We went to Legnica together and had a great time with el Padre José :)
and got flowers!

Our lovely afternoon at Olztin Castle site

And kinda improvised this performance at Zeromskiego High School
Featuring: Shousharella and Alfonsous, the Wise Wizard
Script by: me (i made a star from you!)

XII LO's Principal gave us so much to eat each time...
He was nice, hu? :P

And our important visit to the city Mayor

Piaskowska Castle? well, no matter the name, we went on our Kraków route...
n dunno if u saw the following video :P

we had a lot of fun that week, hu? hey Damian, if u read this... thanks for helping us having a great time! We couldn't had got the customs without your help! and thanks for the ride to Kraków! (i can't find our picture with the dragon there... seems it was not with my camera!) Aaaahhhh!!  (also greetings to the bitch of Varun and the girls: Kash & Lin! and to the people in Wroclaw, i love u all guys! Marcel, Basias ♥ Well, back to this week in Czestochowa...) Shou! I just recalled... here is an old request from you... sorry for taking so long! i hope u remember ur unforgettable b/w photoshooting with Varun and Napo-Leon in our 1st week in Czestochowa... but the ones with them, well... i don't i'm up to publish them and destroy their social lifes, hope this can be enough for the internet :P

Everything started here...

"Juicy pants"?? haha

As per your request

Of course i can carry u...

The question is: "can u?"


Almost there... almost....!

Oh no! i'm going down!!!!

Saveeee meeeeee...!!!

Crap, we made it!!!

Napo-Leon! take the damn picture!!

good memories, hu?
¡Feliz cumpleaños!


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