December 28, 2010

so there goes the 2010

Work and finances
On december 2009 i signed a 7-months-contract with a telecommunicacions company working in Logistics, and i had a good time there, but i wanted to do more stuff that finally became impossible due to the time i had to leave. This contract finished by the end of June this year and another company contacted me before, so i could match the both jobs and i only had a couple of free days. So, i got a new job... that included moving away from home to go more than 1200 km to the south of Perú. My job involves more than just managament, i am also a trainer on some business issues related to my carreer and professional experience. I have to add that my internship with AIESEC motivated me to take this job.

2010 F during workshop in Moquegua

I also worked with some enterpreneur friends, helping them to build up their project. We worked together from sept-oct last year until the end of january this year... it was a bit too demanding for me to hold 2 jobs being up until 4am. As a matter of fact, that's how i received this year, working there with them, and my thought was "hum... i am receiving 2010 working, it may mean that the year will be full of work", and so it was. This has been for my finances, due to i'm holding the highest amount ever on my savings account. Now i am planning on investing around 75% to increase them a bit before july.

Education and continuos learning
This year i took no course at all, but a storrytelling one. I don't like this, since i love learning and listening to classes, semminars and so... and i got just 1 course, which is for leisure and not professional development. I attended workshops at my job, and listened to the courses other trainers gave, but it is not the same to attend a course I looked for. Next year I'll take a Master Program, and even when i still need to get accepted in one, I'll do my best to get so, then having no courses this year and being focused on my work doesn't look so bad in my project. I have failed one more year with my thesis... dammit. My goal is to finish this before July 2011, will I be able to? Let's see... hehe, i like challanges =P (and wtf am i waiting for to get my title!?!?!). My situation is pretty alike to Cecilia's:

I almost got to study a bar-tender-course, but the place i wanted to attend cancelled the courses for the 2010. Thought about improving my english too, since i only got 7,0 on my IELTS in summer... but couldn't do much about it. Next year I'll take some english studies i think... so I won't have problems with my Master Program.

Family and friends
On the sad news, i have a pending post for Juan Luis Lazarte SJ. In my family we know him since 1990, my first year in my school, and he has always been on the mass we used to go on sunday morning. We won't see him again.

But... family is fine. Thank God there are no problems with us regarding health, economy (well, not that i am aware of) or anything else... we always got along very well. But this year i had to leave my house and go to live by myself in the south of Perú, due to work, as i explained and posted before. This has been a big change for me, sicne my unique experience living by myself was when i got into this work and travel program 4 years ago. But i can cook to survive, i know how to do laundry and i can deal managing my keys, so no problem by now... but i'll need more interesting recipes and more time for cleaning.

Special ocassions for meeting friends, on 2010

This year i got some special visits, and i don't want to mean my friends from Lima are not special for me, but some circumstances made some people so. Thus, in the previous collage we can see friends from my high school who are now living in the US and came on January to spend time here... we went to play basketball on January 2nd and we realized we need some training both in basket and condition. Later on January, i went to Arequipa and got to visit another friend form high school, my friend Rodrigo, who is studying to become a priest.

I was gladly surprised that a friend from Poland came to Perú (due to a regional AIESEC event held here, the Iberoamerican Leadership Congress). Ola, great that u came! And i became the buddy of Nicole Estee, we got along very well and i am very happy we had all that time together :) And i got visits from Cedar City too! Bob and Miri came down to Perú for different reasons, and i received them in different cities, but it was amazing to receive this guys i didn't see since early 2007. With Miri we went around the southern Perú visiting many places (see the blog post: 1st and 2nd). And, when in Ilo, i received the visit of my Petr (who will go to see his girl to Czech Republic very soon), Lina and my mom. I hope they all enjoyed the city, i made my work showing the place :P

Other activities

After i came back from exchange in 2009 i decided to get involved in the Local Committee of my univ, and so i did helping my friend Petr on OGX and then under the orders of Mica this year. I also wanted to develop a project here based on my experience in the project Enter your Future in Poland, and after a looooong project proposal i had to hand, i finally got the permission for get the project to work. So, i got a team and we started working on the different fronts the project needed to attend, but i didn't lead the team properly and we couldn't fulfill the scheduled dates. So we had to postpone it for the 2nd semester, but i had to leave Lima... and i was not able to make the follow up closely.

Getting involved in the LC was nice, there are a lot of people with a lot of potential and AIESEC gives space and time to develop skills through the duties in the LC and the projects people can develop... feels like the stars are the limit, and i am very happy that my LC is improving and growing. On the events attended by me in AIESEC this last year, i went to the Global Village, SCL (Local Empowerment Semminar) and NatCo (National Congress).

I'd had loved to join AIESEC early in my life... more projects, more exchanges opportunities, more impact i could had made. Thank God is not over yet...

The year started with me leading the Troop of my school, as usual in the last years. And, also "as usual", all the district leaders had our annual meeting to program the activities. There i got the responsibility of being the Camp Field Chief (Jefe de Campo) on the District Camp for Patrol Leaders ("CALOGUI" because of the initials in spanish). In this camp we had a remarkable performance at the campfire, using with Daniel the dragon customs Dora lent us. And wearing the customs was such a story... Anyway, that was an epic campfire (so as the one on the District Camp last year... but there is no post about it, sad). Then, by June i was named District Program Sub Commissioner, and that was the 1st time i got any district responsibility. You can see on the picture below the day when i made the promise for this charge and received the District Staff scarf (red):

2010 Top Moments in Scouting (from left to right):
1. Campfire at CALOGUI
2. District Program Sub Comissioner Promise
3. Scout Leader in my Scout Group

Every year i liked working with scouts, they are surprising and enjoy the time somehow, among other lessons i get from them. Sadly, i had to leave my scout world in the middle of the year because of my work. The other sad news is that the District Commissioner, religious brother José Luis Arias went to the eternal camp with the Lord. This was specially sad because he belongs to my Scout Group and left a great legacy on the scout district.

Now, here i learned the most important lesson for this year. I already wrote i left my family, scout activities and pretty much everything in Lima seeking the best opportunity for professional development and a financial improvement. This is a rational decision that i understand why i took it, so as pretty much everybody i talk about this, but... (and this may be hard to understand for the ones who are way too professionals), i failed on scout promise. Yeah, nobody cares... even the scouts ourselves because we know we should focus on working and professional opportunities due to we cannot live just volunteering. My scout friends + colleagues did not give a hard time, thank God; but i do know i failed on my compromise with my scout Troop (i was the  leader) and with my scout district (i was the Program Sub Commissioner). But, furthermore, i had this compromise with the project in AIESEC i set myself and had to leave it too... Everybody understood i had to move away to work, but i do find a lack of responsibility.

With or without uniform...
i am a freaking scout and my word means something

You might mention "priorities", but this word come to me with no meaning when trying to overcome values and compromises, and that's something i don't expect people to understand. No matter it's regarding volunteering activities... i really really feel i failed here, but this won't happen again. Nowadays i see it's so easy to emend a compromise... i don't want my word to mean nothing when facing different circumstances. I don't seek for further understanding of this, of acceptance... but my word will get back its meaning and straight, because i base my honor on being trusted.

Leisure time
No way i can complain about concerts this year. I had an incredible, remarkable and unforgettable time at  the concerts of Guns n Roses, Aventura, Aerosmith and Diana Krall. I cannot think on a combination that overcomes this combo of concerts... i soooooo enjoyed them! If we count on The Killers Concert by the end of 2009, this last 14 months have been incredible, supreme and sublime.

Travelling wasn't bad this year either, even when i wanted to get to Poland at some point between September and November, but my job didn't let me... Nevertheless, i had a good time visiting some parts of my country i didn't go before, like Puno and Tacna. But my top destination this year was Machu Picchu, and no matter it was the 4th time i went there... i can still feel the mysticism when walking by the rock walls.

2010 Machu Picchu, Perú

2010 Titicaca Lake, Perú

Since i moved to the south i didn't play football but once... and what a time! I played in Moquegua, on the stadium of Cobresol, which is a team who just got the right to play on 1st division. But i do need to exercise more... i may start with the southern version of Noches de Trote (Jogging Nights), i joined them for 1st time some days ago and had a good time. Back to football, in January (this year) we had the 2nd edition of our (Senior Year) Inter-Class Championship, where we got the 3rd place (among 5 teams). On 2009 we got better results and we won the championship, but not this time... We are organizing a 3rd edition for the next year, still in January... so i won't play due to i have to get back to Ilo and work. Good luck to my team, classroom "C"!

Oh! and i read a book! Miguel Strogoff, from Julius Verne. As a matter of fact, i ate it... i devoured it! I read like 75% of this book on 1997 at school but didn't finished. I'm looking forward to read more... specially Mario Vargas Llosa collection, since i have read almost nothing from him. And you too, read more! increase your culture and knowledge!

Regarding anectodes, i got a very good one with Gianella Neyra at the end of the summer, but also good ones having a problem with my Fonchy-Móvil and trying to have a peaceful afternoon when i was already in Ilo.

Giving more time to this space was nice too, i really enjoyed writing most of the posts. Sad the statistics cannot show me the most read posts in the while year (just the last 4, i think), but i'll try to see how i can manage this for the next year. I gave it a new format, and now i am very happy with this tool, i think i learned how to use it... but that's my impression, hehe. I reached more than 7000 visits total since september 2009... and growing, so that seems to be good :)

This is the main purpose of this: to review and check if the year has been productive and if its adding value to my life and goals. So, i don't want to make the review complicated, but i might set a formula for this on the next year (who knows... maybe i am bored enough to create one, hehe). By now, let's check the good and bad points:

  • Savings up
  • Professional development
  • Getting to know more of my country. Special mention to Machu Picchu.

  • Away from Scouting and AIESEC, failed on my compromises.
  • Failed thesis once more
  • Postpose Master studies (even when it lead into something good).

Hum... so, in my opinion this year has been "not good", and i already explained why. Then, now... what for the 2011? i want to study a Master Program out of Perú, i already have some options and just need to apply on time. In the best case scenario, i'll get some money resource that doesn't involve prostitution, warfare, drugs or anything alike. I also want to improve my physical condition and start+complete my thesis. Getting involved back in Scouting will be great too... so as taking back responsibilities at my AIESEC LC. The main point for my 2011 is my Master Program, that's the priority...

To finish this year and this review too, here i leave a Christmas song in a bachata remix, sang by Aventura... hope u enjoy this. Happy and good 2011 for you!


Anonymous said...

2010 was good for u,but i hope the next one will be even better for both u n me...

Widy Dinarti said...

I think I should have one!
thanks for the inspiration :)

and great for you it is not only about AIESEC :)

Anonymous said...

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- David

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