May 15, 2011

Perú... in Peru, Nebraska, USA [Documentary] - with subtitles!

This video was first released only in spanish, but it got subtitles in English, so it can be understood beyond my explanation on the previous post. This is an effort made by the government to increase the tourism and to appreciate what we have in Peru. Well, if u saw the previous post and watched the video, you know what it has... but now i kindly invite you to read the subtitles and become, hopefuly, more interested in my country. Enjoy :)

♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥

May 5, 2011

Perú... in Peru, Nebraska, USA [Documentary]

I couldn't believe how amazing it was to see this video... (the one on the bottom of the post).
It's so sad it's not in English, but the idea here is that there is a peruvian contingent (from Perú the country, the one in southamerica, where i currently live, where i am from) that gets into Peru City in Nebraska, USA. (By the way... nice to see Perú is right on the heart of the USA... oh! and America is a continent, not a country)

Peru City, NE Location in United States

Perú, Nebraska - USA is a small place with half thousand people living theer, so (as usual) we peruvians get there to make some trouble... and the contingent shares a lot of stuff that are typical for us, the Southamerican Peruvians: food, surf, music... and even traffic. Press Play and get to see the video, even when the language may not be the one u speak or understand, i am sure u'll enjoy it :)

"every peruvian,
just because of being peruvian,
has the right to enojoy of
how wonderful being peruvian is"
(now please tell me i got the right translation!)
(¡por favor díganme que lo traduje bien!)

♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥ Perú ♥