May 3, 2011

世界童军模拟-台湾花莲 - The days at Linkou (part 4)

the days at Linkou

i am proud i represented my country as the only delegate on the XII World Scout Moot held in Hualien-Taiwan. i made it to Taiwan due to a scholarship offered to the Peru Scout Asociation (ASP) by the Taroko Operation. Now, on the previous post about this we left the action :) Estoy orgulloso de haber representado a mi país como su único delegado en la XII Asamblea Mundial Rover, llevada a cabo en Hualien-Taiwán. Pude participar gracias a una beca ofrecida a la Asociación de Scouts del Perú por la Operación Taroko. Ahora, en el post anterior de este tema dejamos la acción cuando mi mamá me dijo por teléfono que mi pasaporte había expirado.


We left the action right after i finished my encounter with this african guy. Then i took the bus to the Registration Office, at National Taiwan Sport University (Donghua) in Linkou (hey Yogurt and Chris, thanks for the data!). A couple of seconds after i sit in the bus there was a beautiful portuguese who sat right next to me, sad i don't remember her... and it will be very random if she finds this blog and read i forgot her name (hey, sorry about that... we just didn't find each other in the whole activity -but once- so please, no offense!). Well, we arrived to the first location of the Moot... and this big gate received us :)

2004 Linkou, Taiwan
World Scout Moot's Welcome Gate
Photo: Francisco Leal ("Pancho", from Chile)

Here it looks a bit lonely, but it got very crowdy when i arrived. This picture was taken by my friend Pancho (from Chile), and he arrived veeeery early to the event, along with the argentineans Maq and Marco. They arrived to Taiwan by "the other way" (i went across the Pacific, now you can picture their path). In fact, meeting Pancho was very nice since i needed to call home to tell my parents i was alive after all the travelling from Los Angeles (12 hours) and he gave me his phone card. I had a tiny problem, since i never got to call hom from outside Perú... but we managed.

Pancho knew a lot about Perú because we used to live close to the border... and it was very common for him to get into Perú and go shopping or just visit a while. The argentineans were a lot of fun, as the argentineans always are, and we got along very well. Now, maybe you don't know where Linkou is, so before u google it, take a look at this map:

Linkou: yellow house frame on the left
Taipei: Light blue flag on the right

I had some problems at the Registration Office since my english was veeeeeeeeery rusty. After high shool i never got to use it but reading... so at the beginning of the trip i spoke at the speed of 2 words by minute. Tragic, of course... specially for my self-steam. Under this background it was really a challenge to say i was the peruvian participant and ask stuff to the french guy who helped me with the registration. The university campus we were occupying was incredible... it had a lake, parks... and a football field where we played a game mexicans vs rest-of-America (and you get to know that "America" is a continent, not a country), and we (America minus Mexico) won.

Got (taiwanese) Milk?

Renato had some problems with the chinese-instant-food he got, mainly because he couldn't understand the instructinos on the box. You can see the milk box on the previous picture and realize it was not an easy task to use those things. But adding hot water was enough for that one... using chopsticks was a challenge for all of us. No, we didn't get fork and knife... never in the camp. Seriously, never.

This french guy told where the dorm was... but i don't remember if the building was only for boys (i think yes), but for sure it was veeery far away from the center of the univ, where people met. Well, in fact u could met people all over the place but around the Registration Office it was the main point to gather, chill, share, sing, swap badges and all the stuff we scouts do at a campsite :P Among the not-southamericans-met-by-me... i remember a dutch (but can't remember his name) who admired Winnie The Pooh due to his philosophy of life (i'll expand this short statement, since it can be very interesting).

2004 Taipei, Taiwán
CKS Plaza

The worst of these days was when i tried to sleep. Really: "tried", not just "when i slept". First, it was so bloody hot that i didn't feel i was melting but boiling (well, Taiwan is an island with tropical weather and i did know it was hot over there... but i almost passed out the 1st days because i didn't drink enough water, then i started drinking 7 bottles each day, at least). The other bad thing was the guy from Panama sleeping in the same dorm with me (along with Paul from New Zealand)... he snored so badly that the windows  trembled like if there was an earthquake, and i can tell because we have many earthquakes in Peru! Ah... and there was no mattress on my bed (can i still call that a "bed" if there was no mattress?).

These last two pictures were taken not in Linkou, but Taipei... where we went for the Openning Ceremony, where we got to see the President :) It was very nice to invited to the VIP reception for Heads of Contingents... and since i was the only peruvian, you can guess who got there :p Besides this reception, we also got preferential sits for the ceremony, but there is more fun to spend it with the rest of the scouts back there fooling around. No complains, though :P

2004 Taipei, Taiwán
CKS Plaza

Photo taken by Francisco Leal ("Pancho" from Chile), but with my camera :P
(Pancho, sorry that i cutted your finger off the picture)

We the latin-americans started to become a contingent by ourselves since we were 1 or 2 by country, as you can see on this pics above... it is great and amazing to belong to so different countries and be able to speak the same language! From Mexico to Chile, from Perú to Spain... as i said: amazing. We got lucky to find Chris over there, he is a chilean who was living in Taiwan because of work, so he had some time to understand how they think and to get used to their traditions... so he tried to explain us some stuff regarding behavior and meaning of stuff... thanks for your help Chris!


Go check the World Organization of the Scout Movement and check for some evens, if you want...
But if you are a scout, i really really tell you: go to an international activity, but be responsible with the documents u need to handle ;) It made me very sad not to be able to go to Kenya for the last Moot :( Puedes ver la página de la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout y revisar algunos eventos, si quieres... pero si eres scout, te digo... y te lo digo muy bien: ve a una actividad internacional, y se cuidadoso con los documentos que manejes ;) Me dio mucha pena no poder ir a Kenya para el último Moot :(

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