May 17, 2011

F n Aruntaya, Moquegua (Perú)

The way up
It was a while since i was surrounded by snow, last time for real was in Utah USA on 2007... even when i got a light snow in Wroclaw, but it was very soft and warm enough not to get the snow pilling up. So, it was a while since i was surrounded by snow and i got excited :) ...and got some memories from that time both in Cedar City and Brian Head. This was the 4th time ever that i got into snow... sad that this time i couldn't go out and play (#fail)... but we're on our way to the village of Aruntaya, on what people call "Moquegua highlands"... which is the part of the department that is set right on the Andes. We were going up... and up.... and up... i wonder if we ever will stop going so up! Because Perú is close the Equator that, in order to find snow, we have to go very high... and this pictures are when reaching the altitud of 4000 meters above the sea level (in spanish = msnm), aprox... and for me, a guy who has been living on coastal cities, well... it was fun! :) i think that if we'd had stopped on the way up there could had been some clouds between tAruntaya or the camp where i spent the night, but we were so high there were none!

Front view in the track

Back view in the track (on a previous point, compared to the 1st pic)

When getting into high places... sealed bags seem to gain air inside

Getting to Aruntaya
Aruntaya is a small village on the Andes, in the Department of Moquegua (or "Region", if you prefer). I find amazing how the driver didn't get lost among the hills and mountains, since there are very few signs and it doesn't look quiet easy to get somewhere. I was glad to see, thought, that my Fonchy-Móvil can get into that land and make a succesful ride... as long as it is driven by someone with skills, so sis... forget about it :P It was great to see such nice landscape... it's really captivating due to i love mountains and the alpacas are very nice to see too. Here i am living some pictures of Aruntaya and a video recorded from the truck when we arrived to the place we'll have the workshop. I went there because of work... and work was going to be done! (what work? the workshops, fo course! ...i was in charge)

The road to Aruntaya, by any starting point, will certainly get you close to the alpacas

Kids playing around in Aruntaya

A piece of Aruntaya

Another piece...

and another...

...and another

Staying in the camp
We first arrived to the campsite... but not the type of camp i am used to (a scout camp), but a modern one... with facilities, roof and a professional cook (Tapero, Roquita... don't be offended, please); and after the workshop we came back. As you can see in the picture below, it is isolated... but there is everything that u need but a comfortable temperature. Well, i don't need a bed, but i got one... and there are also medicines, a doctor, security, tv, cable, phone (but you need the coordinator's access code, so not so easy to use)... oh! and there is also cold... IT'S SO FREAKING COLD!! aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! u need some more degrees just to be sure to survive, i went with a light cold... and came back with a big one, if no neumonia (mom, don't worry, i'm kidding!). But really... it was cold. I even tried to read... and write a bit, but retaining the small warmth was a priority so i stop with this activities that got my life in danger of an hipotermia. 3 thick blankets were not enough to sleep comfortable and remain asleep during the night. Thank God there was hot water for showers.... YES! and the food was great... a bit too much for me, but greaaaat!

The Camp of Huachunta... and nothing around.
(u see clouds there, hu? they are going down... all of them!)

The view from my window... i got the Engineer's Room #win

F and the Andres (Moquegua)
just some steps away from the Camp

Isolated Camp

Very high... but still, a beautiful nature
Not only the alpacas were amazing to see around, i also got into a Trout Breeding ("Criadero de Truchas"... is it ok if i just use "breeding" or would it be better to use "farm"? hum... i'll stay with "Breeding") and got to see a couple more animals very close. The first one, obviously, was the trout... but not one but many all around the place (yeah, i know... it's supossed to be the main animal on a Trout Breeding, hu?). Then i saw this little bug with spines, but i am afraid i don't know the name (please Renpeli + Patty, help me here!), and after that i got to see vizcachas, that are very common on the Moquegua highlands... hope it doesn't look quiet small in the pic. There were also many birds that liked to fly right in front of the truck while we were on the road... it seemed to be fun for them! I'm sad i couldn't get more pictures, but my camera got damaged because of the cold... thank God i got some pictures to share how amazing this trip was.

Elegant bug walking around with its spine-clothing (what's its name???)

Me getting a pic of the trouts, on a Trout Farm (?)

That's a "vizcacha", typical from Moquegua.
It's very similar to a squirrel+rabbit, but bigger... and still very fast (for me)

Alpacas and llamas on the road... they are everywhere in the Andes!

F and the Andes (Moquegua)

I am not used to travel because of work (by now?), so this workshop on the highlands of Moquegua was very interesting... because of the landscape and nature and for the (actually real) challenge of giving the workshop to a people from this village... but i won't take this subject now, but later. Hope you enjoyed the pics! See ya... somewhere else!

All the photos were taken by me, even the ones i am in (i know how to use the automatic!).
If you are going to use the pictures (will you?) please don't forget to mention me: @fonchobaggins
Now, to follow my blogging style i know i have to translate into spanish... but i am kinda lazy now :P
Sorry :)
Just be patient


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