July 23, 2011

"Alfonso" according Wikipedia and UrbanDictionary

Hello everybody :)

Today is my birthday... and i wanted to share something about myself. Since i don't like sharing deep stuff... i though of something nice and hopefuly interesting: the meaning of my name. It turned to be interesting when i got to Poland a couple of years ago and discovered myself it had a meaning beyond the root but as slang. Anyway, lets start with the Wikipedia definition... and then the interestings ones, later is up to you to valid the meanins you find here.

Alfonso's the X Chronicle (Valladolid, 1554)

Alfonso (Source: Wikipedia)
Alfonso (Italian and Spanish), Alfons (Catalan, Dutch, German and Polish), Afonso (Portuguese and Galician), Affonso (Ancient Portuguese), Alphonse, Alfonse (Italian, French and English), Αλφόνσος (Alfonsos, Alphonsos) (Greek), Alphonsus (Latin), Alphons (Dutch), Alfonsu in (Leonese) or Alphonso (English and Filipino) is a masculine name, originally from the Gothic language, Alfonsas (Lithuanian).

The original meaning of the name is uncertain. It could be derived from adal "noble" and funs "ready" or from the name Hildefuns, which is preserved in the Spanish and Portuguese Ildefonso (Latinised as Ildephonsus) and means "battle ready" (hild "battle" combined with funs "ready"). In any case is almost certainly of Germanic and not of Latin origin.

Alfonso (Source: UrbanDictionary)

1. A Russian Gigolo. Usually a male, tall, dark and handsome, one with who women want to sleep with.
Xenia: Man that guy is a total Alfonso
Lyuda: Definitely!

2. King of Spain from 1886-1931

Bow down Alfonso has just entered the room!

3. Dark, muscular, hot. loves sports, mainly football. preferrs mango butter globs smushed on his face. complete goofball. watch out, when he farts, he kills plants and bugs that are around. likes to be a tour guide when he drives people around and has a ridiculously good sense of direction. he is very funny, definitely knows how to light up a room. sexy eyes. easy to fall in love with.

4. Usually a well of knowledge. dig deep and you'll know more. He is generally well-spoken, fluent in more than one language, a bit nerdy and loves books. This greek god usually hangs out in libraries, museumss, or regular streets. but will never invite you to a movie. Scares easily, it is advisable to handle with care and never call out his name too loudly. he might remain in shock if so. He can be both Man and Boy, depending on who is adressing him.

"Oh, just what i needed! an Alfonso in my life! what more could a woman ask for?"

5. Alfonso is a strong (mentally and physically), caring, unconditionally loving person. He makes friends very easily and tends to be loved by many. If you ever come in contact with an Alfonso, get to know him, because you'll never meet another guy like him. I know i'm never giving up my Alfonso. He is a loving and crazy person, who i love so much. He can get you through just about any bad day. He can lift your spirits within 2 seconds. Alfonso is the kind of person you just want to see all the time, hug, and never let go. If i ever lose my Alfonso, i don't know what i'd do. Alfonso is a happy, wild but calm, silly but serious human being. All Alfonso's are great, But my Alfonso is the best.

Person #1: Ugh i could really use some cheering up right now!!
Person#2: Just talk to Alfonso, he can make anyone happy!

Amy Winehouse - Valerie

 the first song i ever heard from her was "Valerie" on TV, i think on the program Sonidos del Mundo (Sounds of the world). i thought it may be nice to hear a song of her now that i got to read Amy left the world following the proper lifestyle for that. she was such a talented singer... but chose not to be a talented person, not even an average one... or even to take care a little. her album Back to black is epic... and i looooove it, sad she didn't create any other. Valerieeee ♫

Amy Winehouse
Valerie (Dave McCabe, The Zutons)
Back to black - Deluxe Edition Bonus disc

July 22, 2011

Across Øresund Strait yo ho ho ♫

Ahoj Captain Więciorkwski!

As per our coordinations, i really appreciate that you can help me to get across the Øresund Strait in your ship. I'll communicate with you when arriving to København, kindly wait for my call. It will be my pleasure to join your crew in this small but important and decisive route. I'm looking forward for your confirmation letter.

Best regards.


Waiting for Captain Więciorkowski at København City Hall

Meeting with Capt. Więciorkwski and Michał

Here the boat was "parked" :P

Capt. Więciorkwski checking the charts

Nice visit after breakfast

The trip to Helsinborg took around 6 hours.
I held my stomach for 5,5

Captain Więciorkowski's brave crew

I don't remember a real experience sailing... and i mean something longer than a 30-min ride on a boat in a lake or by the shore, so i think this was my first time :)  it was a nice coincidence to arrive on the same day as Damian to Copenhaguen. We met in 2009 when i went to Poland for an AIESEC Project, and now he gave me a ride to Sweden from Denmark. Even when my stomach couldn't hold it any longer... i think i succeed standing 5 and a half hours with no sea sickness :P all the crew was amazing, and it's very relaxing to be sailing, specially in a sunny day, i'm totally up for another ride on the boat! Thanks once more, Captain Więciorkowski... and your whole brave and disciplined crew!

July 21, 2011

Drivers: have mercy on tourists

in Råå, next to Helsinborg - Sweden
a cloudy afternoon in July 2011
Fonchy just arrived to Sweden with his 2 (heavy) backpacks, after 6 hours in a boat

F: myself
iBD: indian bus driver (the asshole) 
(i arrived to the bus station as per the indications of the locals, and when the bus arrived i jumped in) 
F: Hi, i need to get to the City Center, how much is that?
iBD: you need a card (with all the indian accent you can imagine)
F: can i pay in cash?
iBD: no, you need the card
F: any other option?
F: ?!?! (he wants me to text him...???)
F: well, where can i buy a card?
iBD: on the City Center
F: is it far away?
iBD: yes, and you are delaying me, i have an schedule to complete, get out of the bus
F: i'm going to kill a cow in your name now...
(ok, i didn't say nor did the last line... but i was not very happy after that talking. In his next life, this indian will be born in the body of an experimental rat at Renpeli's Lab) :p

(5 min after) 
F: myself
mBD: mustached bus driver (the hope) 
F: Hi, i need to get to the City Center, how much is that?
mBD: well, the thing is that you a card, we don't accept money anymore
F: well, where can i buy a card?
mBD: hum... it's far away, i'd take you there, but that's not my route
F: so... i better walk?
mBD: you can beg to the next bus drivers... until one will be merciful
F: ok, sounds like a plan
mBD: sorry i can't help you more! (closes the door and drives away)

(5 min after) 
F: myself
nBD: nice bus driver (the one) 
F: Hi, i need to get to the City Center, how much is that?
nBD: you need a card
F: can i pay in cash?
nBD: no, you need the card, we don't take money anymore
F: any other option?
nBD: it's a long way... come, don't worry i'll take you there. But not all the drivers will, you need to buy your card.
F: i just arrived here and there is nowhere i can buy a card... but thanks, i appreciate it.
nBD: no problem

i didn't expect that the 1st bus driver would b such an asshole nor the other two to be so nice. now i got my card... not only just any card, i got a great deal! flat rate for all buses and trains in the southern region of Sweden until August 15th. Now, if u get to Sweden... be sure u get your transportation card before getting into public transportation.

July 17, 2011

WSJ2011 - Getting to the camp site (part 1)

Getting to the camp site (part 1)

Once more the scouting world gathers again for a massive event, this time in Kristianstad - Sweden. I am lucky i can participate here, and here i'll share some stuff of my own highlights. Una vez más el Escultismo mundial se junta en un Jamboree, esta vez cerca de la ciudad sueca de Kristianstad. Tengo la suerte de poder participar, y aqui publicaré algunas cosas que vayan pasando.


After dealing with the embassies more than what i expected, i finally got my papers to take part on this great even. But, before the Jamboree starts i need to get to it... and my flight arrives to Kobenhavn - Denmark. My original plan is to meet my friend Damian there and then get to Malmö by boat, across the  Øresund Strait... then get back to Kovenhavn by bus to be picked up and taken to the Jamboree Camp Site in Kristianstad. On the map it looks more or less like this: Luego de hacer más trámites de los necesarios en las embajadas, finalmente obtuve las visas para viajar al Jamboree, pero antes que este empiece necesito llegar al lugar del campamento. Mi plan es encontrarme con mi amigo Damian en Kobenhavn y él me llevará a Malmö a través del estrecho de Øresund. Luego de algunos días tomaré un bus de regreso a Kobenhavn para que la gente del Jamboree me lleve al campamento. En el mapa es más o menos así:

Ver F 2011 - World Jamboree, part1 en un mapa más grande

My original plan is to remain all the previous days to the Jamboree in Malmö and then get back to the Copenhague Airport to be picked up by the guys of the Jamboree and get to the campsite, but lets see how that goes :P Mi plan original es permanecer los dias previos al Jamboree en la ciudad de Malmö para luego regresar a Copenhague y ser trasladado al lugar del campamento por la gente del Jamboree, pero veamos que pasa finalmente.
Jamboree... here i go! Jamboree, ya voy!!


Go check the World Organization of the Scout Movement and check for some evens, if you want...
But if you are a scout, i really really tell you: go to an international activity and enjoy it as much as you can, and you'll have the time of your life. Puedes ver la página de la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout y revisar algunos eventos, si quieres... pero si eres scout, te digo... y te lo digo muy bien: ve a una actividad internacional y diusfruta todo lo que puedas, pues es algo espectacular.

July 11, 2011

Decidely german

Even when i think there are more beautiful girls in the world, this one is really captivating. i've watched two movies where Anna Maria plays a main character and the way she looks at the camera and deploy the words on the script is simply... captivating (i already said so, hu? maybe because she really is... u know). The first movie i saw was Was nützt die Liebe in Gedanken, which also has a every interesting argument. Anna Maria is a great actress, and of course being beautiful is among her characteristics. I don't know much about her... and there is not much to read in english nor spanish, which is sad. But the happy part is that i got to see the end of this movie i started watching many years ago. Anyway, this girl is added now to the "F's Beauty of the World Collection". With you: Anna Maria Mühe.

Thanks Germany!

July 6, 2011

¿Qué es educar?

Hoy me llegó un correo muy simpático al correo del trabajo. Simpático de manera especial porque mi empresa ofrece cursos de capacitación, talleres y asesoría... y todos están muy atentos al impacto que tiene la educación en el desarrollo económico y mejora de la competitividad. Lo comparto ahora deseándole un Feliz Día del Maestro a todas las personas que, por vocación, ofrecen su trabajo a esta noble causa. A mis profes de primaria (Eda, Luz Elena, Leonor, Velma, Charo, Hugo, Lucha, Dora, Juani...), a los de secundaria (Alfredo, Franklin, Roberto, Humberto, Manuel, Chabuca, Silvia, Sergio, Nora, Isabel, Jorge, José, Marcos, Pedro, Ricardo, Pablo...), de la universidad (Juan Carlos, Yuri, César, Laura, Sergio, Elsie, Fortunato, José...) y de la vida (¡mi viejo!)... ¡gracias por su tiempo y dedicación!

Educar es lo mismo
que poner un motor a una barca.
Hay que medir, pesar, equilibrar
y poner todo en marcha.

Pero para eso,
uno tiene que llevar en el alma
un poco de marino
un poco de pirata
un poco de poeta
y un kilo y medio
de paciencia concentrada.

Pero es consolador soñar,
mientras uno trabaja,
que ese barco
–ese adulto, ese joven-
irá muy lejos por el agua.

Soñar que ese navío
llevará nuestra carga de palabras
hacia puertos distantes,
hacia islas lejanas.

Soñar que cuando un día
esté durmiendo
nuestra propia barca,
en barcos nuevos
seguirá nuestra
bandera enarbolada.

(Fermín Gaínza fsc)

¡Feliz día, educadores!

July 2, 2011

mi viejo le decía "Che Carlitos"...

Mi viejo le decía "Che Carlitos", y aunque nunca le pregunté por qué (y es que siempre le pone apodos a mis amigos y amigas) siempre me pareció que le hacía juego con la personalidad... no de revolucionario o de bicicletero de los andes, pero desde pequeño asocio el "che" con algo de frescura y libertad. Hay dos días en que recuerdo a Carlitos de manera especial, y uno de ellos es hoy 02 de julio.

Carlos Fernando en la Obra "Los Cabitos del Reducto"
1993, Colegio de la Inmaculada, Lima

En el colegio éramos una suerte de antítesis del otro: yo muy dedicado al colegio y Carlitos disfrutando de cada día. Compartimos muchos años en el mismo salón de clase, sobre todo jugando fútbol y no faltaban algunos trabajos en los que éramos parte del mismo grupo. Carlitos nunca estaba mal, y puedo darme cuenta, ahora que no está con nosotros, de la alegría que irradiaba. Es más, me parece que nunca lo vi triste por nada... aunque no éramos tan tan tan cercanos como para asegurarlo ciegamente. Igual lo extraño. Todos lo extrañamos.

1992, KFC de Benavides
Mi Cumpleaños

1994, Cancha de la Chacra
Nuestro primer Campeonato de Fútbol Intersecciones :)

Querido Carlitos:
Como quedamos la última vez que nos vimos, espero que ya salgas de tu casa para poder jugar fútbol con la gente del salón. Necesitamos un delantero que acompañe a Juan Diego en la delantera (sí, de chibolo jugaba de arquero, pero ahora está de delantero. Yo sigo jugando de defensa: no me dejan subir) cuando el Perro está de malas. ¿Te acuerdas cuando nos quedábamos jugando en el cole hasta que se iba el sol? Qué bestia, ahora de adulto parece un sinsentido... pero hay que recordar cómo es que nada importaba más que seguir jugando en esos días. Gracias por, tanto años atrás, enseñarme a disfrutar de los días, de las amistades, y de la importancia de sonreír y sentirse bien.
¿Sigues tocando guitarra? Yo algo aprendí, pero tú tenías habilidad... me acuerdo de un día que te paseabas por el patio tocando 'Don't look back in anger'. Y seguro por andar practicando te olvidaste de estudiar para el Control de Lectura... pero luego nos desquitamos con el Paso Grupal de Geografía, no te preocupes.
Ahora que estás con la Virgen Inmaculada ¡no te olvides de hablarle bien de nosotros! Mándale saludos a Manuel y que sepan los dos que ya nos reencontraremos todos pronto... o no tan pronto quizá, ¡pero de hecho nos vemos luego! Cuídate Carlitos, te mando un abrazo enorme y espero que estés muy bien.
Tu pata, Fonchy.
PD: ¡No te olvides de las tareas de Lenguaje, Naturales y Sociales!

Carlos Fernando is a friend whom left us on July 2nd 1999. He was very outgoing and spontaneus, everybody liked him in the classroom. We shared many nice moments playing football, working in groups in the school and even going to parties. He had a special impact on me, since i like how well he appreciated his time to enjoy the walk, the day, the sun, the guitar and the people around. I can't remember a day when he was sad... he had a good attitude for life and it's very sad we can't share some more time together. No matter that, i'm sure we'll meet again... but don't know how soon that can be.