July 21, 2011

Drivers: have mercy on tourists

in Råå, next to Helsinborg - Sweden
a cloudy afternoon in July 2011
Fonchy just arrived to Sweden with his 2 (heavy) backpacks, after 6 hours in a boat

F: myself
iBD: indian bus driver (the asshole) 
(i arrived to the bus station as per the indications of the locals, and when the bus arrived i jumped in) 
F: Hi, i need to get to the City Center, how much is that?
iBD: you need a card (with all the indian accent you can imagine)
F: can i pay in cash?
iBD: no, you need the card
F: any other option?
F: ?!?! (he wants me to text him...???)
F: well, where can i buy a card?
iBD: on the City Center
F: is it far away?
iBD: yes, and you are delaying me, i have an schedule to complete, get out of the bus
F: i'm going to kill a cow in your name now...
(ok, i didn't say nor did the last line... but i was not very happy after that talking. In his next life, this indian will be born in the body of an experimental rat at Renpeli's Lab) :p

(5 min after) 
F: myself
mBD: mustached bus driver (the hope) 
F: Hi, i need to get to the City Center, how much is that?
mBD: well, the thing is that you a card, we don't accept money anymore
F: well, where can i buy a card?
mBD: hum... it's far away, i'd take you there, but that's not my route
F: so... i better walk?
mBD: you can beg to the next bus drivers... until one will be merciful
F: ok, sounds like a plan
mBD: sorry i can't help you more! (closes the door and drives away)

(5 min after) 
F: myself
nBD: nice bus driver (the one) 
F: Hi, i need to get to the City Center, how much is that?
nBD: you need a card
F: can i pay in cash?
nBD: no, you need the card, we don't take money anymore
F: any other option?
nBD: it's a long way... come, don't worry i'll take you there. But not all the drivers will, you need to buy your card.
F: i just arrived here and there is nowhere i can buy a card... but thanks, i appreciate it.
nBD: no problem

i didn't expect that the 1st bus driver would b such an asshole nor the other two to be so nice. now i got my card... not only just any card, i got a great deal! flat rate for all buses and trains in the southern region of Sweden until August 15th. Now, if u get to Sweden... be sure u get your transportation card before getting into public transportation.

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