August 21, 2011

F n Hudiksvall, Sweden

I wanted to visit both Västerås and Hudiksvall since many years ago, and because of the Jamboree i thought i couldn't miss this swedish cities again. My main concern was not visiting the attractions these locations may have but spending some time with my friends and just be able to hang out. I already went to Västerås an had a lovely time with my friend Sara and her family. Now it is the turn for Hudiksvall.

From Västerås i went to Hudiksvall... to visit another friend :)

I met Jenny back in 2004 in Taiwan... it was very nice to see her again
...and in her city!

Our main activity was visiting the JärvZoo, in the city of Järvso :P was such a nice visit!! i'll upload photos soon

And, of course, i got to walk around the city.
It was some nice spots to see and take pictures :)

This is the main spot to take pictures.
I was lucky it got sunny right when i was there.
In this houses, the fishermen stored their boats...
and if needed, they slept there too.

And there are nice statues around... can even feel they are talking to you

Hudiksvall may be small, but it's a cozy place on the coast :)

...and i think i didn't mention it before,
but my frind Jenny just became a mom.
Everybody, say "Hi" to Elvin!

And now say "bye Hudiksvall!"

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