November 30, 2011

Nie movie po polsku.... by now :P

#Polska, May 2009: i was going back to Poland from Slovakia and i got to meet a very and adorable lady working as inspector on the train it took. When she saw my route she recommend me another way to arrive to my destination (Częstochowa), and because my polish was very limitated i had to improvise in order to understand (if i ever succeed)... i could say "good morning", "thanks"... and no much more, of course that was not enough to coordinate with the instructor on a proper linguistic-articulated-language.

#Polska, September 2011: got myself into an introductory polish course, 15 hours with guys from the Erasmus Program and lead by Pani Brygida to be able to improve the few words i already knew. Now i am able to ask "how much is... [something]?" and got some interesting and usefull expresions like "i don't understand". If u want to catch me on polish... here i leave you some phrases, and maybe u will get better than me.

Dzień dobry = Buenos días = Good morning
Cześć = Hola = Hi
Do zobaczenia = Nos vemos = See you
Proszę = Por favor = Please
Dziękuję = Gracias = Thank you
Proszę = De nada = You're welcome
Przepraszam = Perdón = I'm sorry

and my favorite...
Nie rozumien = No entiendo = I don't understand

...and some more words with spanish translation
algunas palabras más, si las pueden leer...

Well, just so u know... i decided to take it seriously and become a polish speaker. I'm gonna be more than 1,5 years here so i have enough time to because a pro and rock the language and have a completely different video soon. I am happy some friends around are really up to help me with that... :) ...and hopefully i'll say "thanks" to the authors of the book "Speak polish in 4 weeks".

Polish Preparation Course - Group #5
Eschange Students Programme, Sept 2011

teraz, to jest wszystko
do zobaczenia!

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