April 24, 2012

...y recordar que alguna vez fue flaco

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  • Poto (masivo)
  • Muslos (para escaldarse rico)
Por favor, todas aquellas personas que vean este post... hagan ejercicio y no coman tanta cochinada.
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April 9, 2012

WSJ2011 - Hanging out (part 6)

Hanging out (part 6)

Once more the scouting world gathers again for a massive event, this time in Kristianstad - Sweden. I am lucky i can participate here, and here i'm sharing some stuff around it. You can check the previous post here. Una vez más el Escultismo mundial se junta en un Jamboree, esta vez cerca de la ciudad sueca de Kristianstad. Tengo la suerte de poder participar, y aqui publicaré algunas cosas que vayan pasando. Puedes ver el artículo anterior haciendo click aquí.


This is the 1st Jamboree that included a program for adults, or at least that's what the organizers said (marketing, politics... image hehe, hope that's true!)... and turns to be a great idea to give some actvs, although i feel they were a bit too exigent (however, that's always the trade-off... it it's too easy is not worthy). The instructions were contained in the handbook:

photo: @fonchobaggins

Among the activities for spare time, we got a nice variety... one that specially competitive was playing dodgeball in the nordic style (they use a ghost). Because of my lack of physical condition and my competitive spirit i ended the couple of games with scratches and injured... nothing serious, but duuuude... i'm getting old!

photo: @fonchobaggins

Got free time? Then, sounds like you want to go to the beach. Beyond the very main stream activity of taking sunbaths and getting into the water... if you are a scout (like us! ...or maybe not so cool, but a scout finally) you may want to build up such structures on the water to play some volleyball. Check carefully on the picture to see the net... because volleyball in the sand is too main stream.

photo: @fonchobaggins

If not having enough time to go to the beach, then there was some entertainment inside the subcamps as well... like the Salsa and Cumbia Workshop held by colombians in the Winter Sub Camp. I had a nice time with Sharlinda and Els there... the girls got their moves!

photo: with the camera of @fonchobaggins

So, you don't dance hu...? Then maybe you are more into legos. In the Spring Sub Camp (for adults only), there was a box with hundreds of pieces and if you haven't look at the picture below yet u may try to guess what people made at the beginning. After that they got into a massive structure with a surrealistic approach... maybe some drugged architect can asses what was that.

photo: Felix

If you walk around the sub Camps during the Cultural Festival Day (see Jamboree's Flickr photos of such here), you'll see that all the patrols are holding something to share, either food or games... but fun is assured ;) i enjoyed, particularly, visiting the guys from HongKong and Poland... on the first one i performed the Lion Dance with the proper costume and with the poles i had to read some of their words... even when my level of polish was pretty much (still) "kurczack i herbata, prosze" they were impressed by my language skills... ho ho ho :p

photos: Felix and @fonchobaggins // collage: @fonchobaggins

Did i mention you can go party? Well, of course you can! Contingents organize parties just so the people can go and have fun with their rhythms... i think the best one was the brazilian, organized by my friend Ricardinho (the boy has been improving, when i met him in 2004 he just a mortal rover and he became Head of Contingent... good job there!).

photo: @fonchobaggins

But the best... the best activity in the camp was, by far... well, not so "by far"; but we were so looking forward to get into this balls and see how was it like. Simply... EPIC. I want my own.

photo: Felix

What else do you feel like doing?
Taking a nap... Felix got a hammock and took an awesome nap in the woods
Playing your musical instrument? There was a guy who played the violin for a couple of hours in the road, without asking for coins. In the previous Jamboree Simon and Edu were playing the guitar and the clarinet.
Playing football? basketball? Yeah, you can still play your main stream games. There's where ;)
Mini Golf? He he, there was a court in the British Tent... i kicked Felix's ass (sorry bro!)
Sauna? The Finish Contingent built one in Spring Sub Camp.
Yoga or relaxation stuff? Got it, it's on the map.
Get bored? ...well, that's a hard one


Go check the World Organization of the Scout Movement and check for some evens, if you want...
But if you are a scout, i really really tell you: go to an international activity and enjoy it as much as you can, and you'll have the time of your life. Puedes ver la página de la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout y revisar algunos eventos, si quieres... pero si eres scout, te digo... y te lo digo muy bien: ve a una actividad internacional y diusfruta todo lo que puedas, pues es algo espectacular.