May 29, 2012

F n "Wyrd Sisters" [Terry Pratchett]

The Shakespeare Society from the University of Wroclaw, at your service.

This year we performed a play based on the novel Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett. Since December 2011 we've been memorizing our lines and rehearsing the scenes many times a week under the direction of Magda and Josh... who were very patient with us :) This was my first year in this theater group and i enjoyed a lot... Este año hemos realizado una obra basada en la novela Brujerías, de Terry Pratchett. Desde diciembre del 2011estuvimos memorizando nuestras líneas y ensayando las escenas muchas veces a la semana bajo la dirección de Magda y Josh ... que fueron muy pacientes con nosotros :) Este fue mi primer año en este grupo de teatro y la pasé genial :)
Olwyn Vitoller,
interpretado por @fonchobaggins

The role I got for the play was the manager of a company of actors (and an actor himself): Olwyn Vitoller. He receives the task (from the witches) of taking care of the son of the King (in adoption), in their attempt to protect the baby (well, more or less). Mr. Vitoller and his theater company stroll around the country giving performances and become more wealthy thanks to the outstanding performances of the kid. El papel que tuve en la obra es del gerente de una compañía de actores (quien también actúa): Olwyn Vitoller. Él recibe la tarea (de parte de las brujas) de cuidar (en adopción) del hijo del Rey (bueno... más o menos), en su intento de proteger al bebé. El Sr. Vitoller y compañía de teatro viaja por todo el país realizando presentaciones y mejoran sus ganancias gracias a las destacadas actuaciones del chico.

So, can you do it?

Twenty two scenes to practice, some months to prepare everything... and, of course, don't get too distracted from the university. Five times a week for more or less 2 hours to get the scenes done, not exactly because we wanted to go to have a beer afterwards [aliens-meme-movement] ...actors. I would like to say, in agreement with Magda, and after the shows, that we should memorize our lines at some point :) Veintidos escenas para practicar, algunos meses para preparar todo ... y, por supuesto,a no distraerse demasiado de los cursos de la universidad. Cinco veces a la semana por aprox. 2 horas para tener las escenas, y no precisamente para ir a tomar una cerveza después [movimiento del meme de aliens] ... los actores. Coincido con Magda, después de las presentaciones, en que debemos memorizar nuestras líneas en algún momento :)

Photos by: Ricardo G // Collage by: @fonchobaggins

Photo: hum... not sure who took it, but belongs to Iwona D

Behind the mere shell of grease paint.

So, the day arrived and we just had to get ready with some strange materials that i never got to interact before: make up. I really don't understand why this slow, delicate, annoying and painful process of getting fake colours and lines is so important for women... well, some times it fits well on them, but still... doesn't seem to be cost-effective (in terms of effort and time, not so much about money... i guess?). Look at us getting our stuff before the show :) Así, llegó el día y sólo teníamos que prepararnos con algunos materiales extraños con los que nunca interactué antes: maquillaje. Realmente no entiendo el por qué este proceso lento y delicado, molesto y doloroso de obtener falsos colores y líneas es tan importante para las mujeres ... aunque bueno, a veces va bien en ellas, pero aún así ... no parece rentable (en términos de esfuerzo y tiempo, no tanto por el dinero ... me imagino?). Aqu;i algunas fotos de la previa :)

Photos and collage by: @fonchobaggins

The play, the play is the thing!

So, we rehearsed for some months... we got the make up and the costumes, thank God we have a theater to perform (Teatr Sztampa Wrocław). Facebook event created, invitations, posters, trapdoor mechanism, machine to lower gods out of heaven, wind fans and a big turn-table. Now let's just hope to get some people as audience... Y bueno, ensayamos durante algunos meses... tenemos el maquillaje y el vestuario, y gracias a Dios tenemos un teatro para llevar la obra a cabo (Teatr Sztampa Wroclaw). Evento en Facebook creado, invitaciones, posters, los mecanismos de trampilla, la máquina para bajar dioses del cielo, los ventiladores y una gran mesa giratoria. Ahora sólo esperemos tener público...

Wyrd Sisters 2012 - Promotional Poster (one of some)
Created by: Kasia C

The role of Olwyn Vitoller in the play is not big, i just got 3 scenes... but, nevertheless, the character sucked my energy. I had to perform a creative guy who loves the theater and spaces out, interested in profit... finally, an entrepreneur in the branch of arts seeking for a better future. El papel de Olwyn Vitoller en la obra no es muy grande, sólo tuve 3 escenas ... sin embargo, el personaje absorbió mi energía. Tuve que caracterizar a un tipo creativo que ama el teatro y se desconecta del mundo de la nada, interesado en ... alguien que, finalmente, es un emprendedor en la rama de las artes buscando un futuro mejor. Seguro si Aprenda tiene cursos en Ankh-Morpork, Vitoller va de hecho.

Scene XVI - Tomjon and Mr. Vitoller screening the play
Photo: Gosia M

Scene XVII - Hwel receiving the (sort of fake) affection of Vitoller
Photo: Kasia C

Although we used to present small plays in high school for the Language course, and that we make some small presentations during university, i think it was when i was 10 years old that i took part on such theater experience... and maybe i'll do it a bit more often in my life (so maybe once every 5 years, hehe). Here some pics of the play... A pesar de haber hecho pequeñas obras de teatro en el colegio para el curso de Lenguaje, y de algunas pequeñas presentaciones en la universidad, creo que fue cuando tenía 10 años cuando tuve mi última experiencia propiamente teatral ...y tal vez lo voy a hacer un poco más a menudo en mi vida (lo que tal vez una vez cada 5 años, jeje). Aquí algunas fotos de la obra...

Photos by: Gosia M // Collage by: @fonchobaggins

Some comments on the Facebook Event Page:
  • It was awesome :)
  • świetne przedstawienie :) gratulacje :]
  • really cool play guys! congrats! I laughed a lot.
  • Really great!!! I do recommend :-) Thank you all for a very nice performance. (...)
  • Brilliant :D Congratulations
  • Far better than anything I would anticipate. I strongly recommend seeing it :)
  • Congratulations, indeed :)
Algunos comentarios en la página del evento de Facebook:
  • Estuvo increíble :)
  • Gran presentación :) felicidades :]
  • Genial en serio! felicitaciones! me reí mucho.
  • Bueno de verdad!!! Lo recomiendo :-) Gracias a todos por tan buena presentación. (...)
  • Brillante :D Felicidades
  • Mucho mejor de lo que pude anticipar. Recomiendo seriamente verla :)
  • Felicitaciones, de verdad :)

Thanks guys for an awesome time in this theatrical adventure, i enjoyed it a lot and now i am looking forward to get the video of the play! Thanks to the people who went to see us and for the nice comments towards it! Thanks... totally!

Photo: no idea either... but belongs to Ola K
Edition: @fonchobaggins

Stuff to remember:
-Why didn't you mention this before!?
-Hello my lovely, what are you doing tonight?
-She gave me a cup of tea, Sir!
-Tomjon has been a bit wild lately + *le wild Ricky appears
-Of course it's a bloody dagger!
-The backstage (now go check the following video)

May 25, 2012

Nie movie po polsku.... na prawda?

well, my polish course is done... and i manage now to ask more than just chicken and tea for lunch, and i can even interact with some people, although i still to learn many verbs and increase my vocabulary. My exams were not bad... even when i didn't manage to study much, but just living in Poland helps (oczywiście!).

I still don't know how much i'll use the language in the future (after the next year, to be more precise), but i am well prepared to face it! My teachers were great! (dziękuję bardzo Pani Brygidą i Pani Anną!). Of course i am not yet a "polish speaker", but i can do more than just surviving now :)

May 1, 2012

Ah... the pleasure of cooking

I miss my mom the most... immediately after i taste what i cooked. It can, certainly, be hard... for me, pretty much skill-less in such terms. I know my cooking skills are good enough to survive, not really to enjoy gastronomy. But... that doesn't stop me to try some stuff around, although for humanity safety it may be better not to try those..... here a small collection of the result of my very interesting cooking moments :)

encouraging moments...

massive moments...

oh, the victory....

no, i don't eat Swiss Army Knifes :)

dude, you have to be pragmatic... time's money!

this was to receive guests... :P