September 20, 2010

F n Ilo, Perú - First months (part 2)

Me muevo por S/. 0,50 is how much i move for

No es que precisamente trabaje en algún club bailando por 50 céntimos (o de manera privada), sino que eso es lo que me cuesta trasladarme en micro/bus. Yo vivo al norte de la ciudad, cerca de donde dice "Américo Garibaldi", y si no voy en carro al centro puedo ir caminando... me toma como 20 min a paso lento llegar al centro. Movilizarme en taxi a cualquier parte de Ilo cuesta S/. 2,50... siempre y cuando sea o dentro del área costera o dentro de "La Pampa", la cual es la parte más geométrica de la ciudad... Voy más o menos seguido al mercado, al Centro y una panadería por aquí... y un tanto también al malecón. It is not that just work in a dance club for 50 cents (or privately), but that's what cost me move in micro / bus. I live north of the city, close to where it says "Americo Garibaldi," and if I do not drive I can walk to the center ... takes me about 20 min to reach the center slowly. Move around by taxi to any part of Ilo costs S /. 2.50 ... if it is or within the coastal area or in "La Pampa", which is the most geometric city ... I more or less followed the market, the Centre and a bakery in here ... and therefore also the boardwalk.

El Mercado en la noche
Market at night

Vista del movimiento durante el simulacro, desde el paradero más cercano a mi casa.
During the earthwuake simulation, how i saw it from the closest bus stop.

Viste de una calle transversal al Malecón, llegando al Centro.
View of a street when getting to downtown.

...y Dios dijo "hágase el agua caliente" 
...and God said "let there be hot water"

Lo mejor de las últimas semanas ha sido sin duda la reparación de la therma de mi baño. Si bien no llega a la temperatura que considero ideal para bañarme (calculo que serán como 80 °C), al menos ahora sí puedo ponerme bajo el chorro de agua. Lamentablemente no es algo constante, pues el otro día luego de haberme puesto el shampoo y enjabonado... de repente no había más agua a temperatura resistible. Tuve que proseguir con mi técnica de baño en agua fría. Una vez que salí de la ducha probé de nuevo... y no hubo falla alguna. Me siento engañado y manipulado por mi propia ducha. The best of recent weeks has certainly been repairing the therma my bathroom. While it does not reach the ideal temperature to bathe think (I estimate will be about 80 °C) at least now I can get under running water. Unfortunately there is a constant, then the other day after I put the shampoo and lather ... suddenly there was no water at room resistible. I had to continue with my technique of bathing in cold water. Once I got out of the shower I tried again ... and there was no failure whatsoever. I feel deceived and manipulated by my own shower.

Así me bañaba... el agua estaba muy fría como para estar debajo del chorro.
I used to take showers like this here, the water was too cold to be under it.

Mi comodidad en la ducha, sólo en función de la temperatura del agua.
My comfort in the shower, only according to the water temperature.

y = f(x)
x = Temperature (°C)     y = F's comfort level
α = 70°C          β = 90°C          e = ± 5°C

ya se que el gráfico no está hecho a la perfección, pero lo hice a mano alzada sólo para entender lo importante que es para mí el agua caliente :P I know the graphic is not perfect, but i draw it quickly just to show and idea of how important is for me the hot water :)

Notas culinarias. Cuisine notes.
  • No es necesario cocinar como para una familia cuando voy a comer solo.
  • Es recomendable cerciorarse de tener todos los utensilios que se usarán.
  • El desayuno es lo más fácil de preparar. Amo a mi sanguchera.
  • Las lentejas, si bien las detesto, son baratas y rendidoras.
  • También fáciles de preparar son los tallarines/fideos.
  • Vale la pena comer fruta: no requiere de mayor preparación.
  • Es mejor lavar al terminar de comer (esto ya lo había aprendido cuando era scout)
  • It is not necessary to cook for a family when I have to eat alone.
  • It is advisable to make sure you have all the utensils to be used.
  • Breakfast is the easiest to prepare. I love my sandwich-maker.
  • Lentils, although I detest them, are cheap and efficient.
  • Also easy to prepare: noodles.
  • It is worth eating fruit: does not require significant preparation.
  • It is better to wash right after eating (I've already learned this as a scout)

Me vi obligado a comer lentejas durante una semana porque gasté un poco más de la cuenta cuando me fui a Cusco y Machu Picchu, no me acordaba que estuviera tan caro. No es que no tuviera nada de dinero, sólo que me manejo un nivel de ahorro y no quería alterarlo. Bueno, en mi casa saben que detesto las lentejas... y en general las menestras, pero cuando hay necesidad... no hay mucho por escoger, así que preparé un poco, lo cual fue suficiente por una semana; por suerte no preparé mucho. Grabé un video para mi mamá, pensando que le podría resultar interesante ver que opto por un alimento nutritivo cuando estoy en épocas de crisis :P I was forced to eat lentils for a week because I spent a bit more than what i thought when I went to Cusco and Machu Picchu, I didn't remember that was so expensive. Not that I did not have any money, except I have a level of savings and would not like to alter it. Well, in my house my family knows I hate lentils ... and in general the beans, but when needed ... there is not much to choose from, so I prepared a little, which was enough for one week. Luckily, I did not prepare much. I recorded a video for my mom, thinking it might be interesting for her to see that I opt for a nutritious meal when I'm in times of crisis: P

He ido mejorado la presentación
I've been improving the presentation

Bienvenidos a Ilo. Welcome to Ilo.

A la fecha he recibido la visita de 2 amigos: Petr (Pedro) y Miri (Miranda). Cuando vino Petr fuimos a Tacna y luego Arica, casi exclusivamente a tomar un poco de Mote con Huesillo. Miri vino por algunos días más, y fueron más también los destinos... tengo un post pendiente al respecto. Me alegra recibir visitas porque vivo solo y sólo converso con mi asistente durante la semana. So far, I have been visited by 2 friends: Petr and Miri (Miranda). When Petr came then we went to Tacna and Arica in Chile, almost exclusively to get some "Mote con Huesillo". Miri came for a few more days, and more were also the destinations... I have a pending post about it. I am happy to receive visitors because I live alone and just talk to my assistant during the week.

Petr en la Plaza de Armas.
We also went to Tacna and then to Arica-Chile.

Miri came from the US, and we went into many cities on the southern Perú.
This photo is at the Dock, of course.

seguiré posteando de tanto en cuando... si alguien quiere venir de visita, sólo díganme :P
i'll keep posting about the trip from time to time... if anybody wants to come, just let me know ;)
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September 17, 2010

Clean up the world weekend 2010

"Held in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Clean Up the World is one of the world’s largest community-based environmental campaigns with an estimated 35 million volunteers from 120 countries participating annually in environmental activities - ranging from waste removal and tree planting to water and energy conservation projects".
Clean Up the World, About

I am sad i didn't post this earlier, because this event is about developing a voluntary-cleaning-activity and sharing it on the website i'm showing below... so to take part in the global project there is an activity that needs to be prepared. I've participated before (last year) with my Scout Group, and it was a nice time, specially because we knew there were people doing the same in the whole world. And here, you can check all the initiatives that have been registered in the globe... and I'm sure there are plenty that have been not.

Ian Kiernan - Clean up the world 2010 Message
'Clean up the world' Campaign Founder - Ian

So, I know I'm letting people know late... if they didn't know, but we can join this campaign too! :) So, in my case... my idea goes not register anything because there is no activity set or a group of volunteers i will join; but anyway... we can take some time to help cleaning somewhere... anywhere! I already said I'm a scout... and to end this short post I'd like to share a couple of words of the founder of scouting, hope you can feel something towards the world we live in:

"Leave this world a little better than you found it".
Robert Baden Powell, Last message (1945)