August 14, 2011

Hi, i'm looking for the Noisy Cafe...

All the International Service Team (IST) had to sleep at the green area, known as the Spring Town. My quest started kind of in the middle of that area, where my tent was placed. All the people i asked were wearing white scarfs... i had some hope on receiving help. Now, if u kindly follow me...

Hi, i'm looking for the Noisy Cafe, but i can't find it on the map.
Hum... are you looking for any Meeting Point?
Well, i am supossed to be at the Grid #9... just out of the Noisy Cafe.
Ah, don't worry... that's the Meeting Point #9, they changed the names.
Ok, good to know! Now, the Meeting Point #9 isn't on the map, either.
It's out of the Spring Town... you have to take the spring Road and walk... you will find it somewhere over there.
"Somewhere"... hum, very motivating. Ok, thanks! :)

Hi, i'm looking for the Noisy Cafe, but i can't find it on the map.
Hum... are you looking for any Meeting Point?
Well, i am supossed to be at the Grid #9... just out of the Noisy Cafe.
Is the Grid equal to the Meeting Point?
I have no idea... there is a map with the meeting points, where the #9 is missing since it's out of the Spring Town... and there is no Noisy Cafe either.
Don't worry, just go to the Meeting #9 and for sure you'll find the Cafe.
Great. Thanks!

Hi, i'm looking for the Noisy Cafe, but i can't find it on the map... and i've been walking around for a bit.
"Noisy Cafe"... let me see the map. (After some seconds checking) It's not here, let me check by the radio. (After some seconds checking) They have no idea. See, there is a whole area of Cafes right there, maybe you can take a walk to find out wich one is the "Noisy" one.
Sounds like a plan, thanks!

Hello. I've been looking for the Noisy Cafe walking around for one hour, but i just feel i am a bit too far away. Can you help me?
Well, at least i can try... lets go to the Information Center (since this guy had something like and "i" i thought he may work there). Let me check the map... hum... i'll contact someone on the radio, hold on please (nobody replies to him). Just one second... (and after some minutes someone starts talking). (Talkiing on the radio) Ok... no, no... Noisy Cafe... ah, ok, but it's not on the map. Ah, ok. (Now he starts talking to me again) Well, seems there is no Noisy Cafe :)
So, i am not supossed to meet my IST patrol then :(
Well, you can do that... or i can tell you where is your IST Training, because you finally have to get there, intead of trying to find this unexisting place and taking who-knows-how-long.
Hum... ok, i think that's a good idea.
So, let me check a little bit (and starts talking to the radio again). Aha... you have to be at "Quest".
Is that part of the Module Activities?
Yes! and you have to follow this road... and then, after those trees you turn left and will find people around who may help you.
Ok, thanks! I finally feel somebody actually help me. (!?)

Hi! i was sent here now because i failed finding the Noisy Cafe for my IST Introduction, i know i am supossed to arrive later, but the guy at the Information Center thought it may be better to come now... since i lost the hope of meeting my IST Patrol.
Oh, sure.. no problem. This is were you have, finally, to arrive. Welcome to Quest! Let me check who your bosses will be. Do you want anything to eat or drink?

August 9, 2011

WSJ2011 - Getting to the camp site (part 2)

Getting to the camp site (part 2)

Once more the scouting world gathers again for a massive event, this time in Kristianstad - Sweden. I am lucky i can participate here, and here i'm sharing some stuff around it. You can check the previous post here. Una vez más el Escultismo mundial se junta en un Jamboree, esta vez cerca de la ciudad sueca de Kristianstad. Tengo la suerte de poder participar, y aqui publicaré algunas cosas que vayan pasando. Puedes ver el artículo anterior haciendo click aquí.


Well, my Plan "A" failed... but not totally, since i did arrived to Malmö. I just didn't count on some stuff:
  • The boat ride will take me to Helsinborg instead of Malmö.
  • I needed a transportation card to get into the bus in Sweden.
  • There was nowhere to buy this card on the place i arrived to.
  • The freaking card would be so expensive.
  • Even when expensive, the card gave me a flat rate for all my transportation (train + bus).
  • Swedish bus drivers were nice.
  • I would need accomodation 1 night out of my schedule.

Regarding this last point, i was very lucky that my friend Juan from Mexico was in Lund right on those days... and that i got his phone number. He helped not to be bedless the night of the 20th of July... Dziekuje Janek!!

Janek just arrived to the Train Station to pick me up and safe me from a bedless night
2011 Lund, Sweden

So it was not that bad at all, since it was my 1st time sailing for real (and i mean beyond a 30-minutes-touristic-trip), got my card to travel to other cities by trains, take as many buses as i want... and of course, get some nice stories to publish here :P My travelling map turned into the following, not sooo far away from my plan, but real more interesting:

View F 2011 - World Jamboree, part2 in a larger map

I never did tourism right in the middle of a raining day... but since i'm so far away from home i just thought it would be pointless to remain sit and comfortable... so i took my camera and my very creepy+short raincoat and went for some good pics! Malmö, Lund, Helsinborg and Ystad.

Going around with Janek (MEX) and Sebastian (POL),
thanks to our JoJo SummerCard (flat transportation expenses!!)
2011 Lund

Relaxing at the end of the day with a very expensive beer
and the most expensive half-sandwich ever
2011 Lund

Amazing piece of architecture in Malmö: The Turning Torso
2011 Malmö

The rain won't stop me to go anywhere...
2011 Ystad

Janek smiling next to the main fountain
2011 Ystad

Poor umbrella... it doesn't know what's comming on the next hours
2011 Helsinborg

Fighting the rain... but it looks i'm not winning
2011 Helsinborg

2011 Helsinborg

So, after some days i thought that i didn't need to get back to Kobenhavn to get to the campsite... i can go on my own since i have my beautiful JoJo Summer Card :), i'll pack in Malmö and go by train and by myself... Jamboree, here i go!!

All packed... scout shirt + scarf on... lets go!!

(to be continued...)


Go check the World Organization of the Scout Movement and check for some evens, if you want...
But if you are a scout, i really really tell you: go to an international activity and enjoy it as much as you can, and you'll have the time of your life. Puedes ver la página de la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout y revisar algunos eventos, si quieres... pero si eres scout, te digo... y te lo digo muy bien: ve a una actividad internacional y diusfruta todo lo que puedas, pues es algo espectacular.