September 1, 2011

WJS2011 - Setting up (part 3)

Setting up (part 3)

Once more the scouting world gathers again for a massive event, this time in Kristianstad - Sweden. I am lucky i can participate here, and here i'm sharing some stuff around it. You can check the previous post here. Una vez más el Escultismo mundial se junta en un Jamboree, esta vez cerca de la ciudad sueca de Kristianstad. Tengo la suerte de poder participar, y aqui publicaré algunas cosas que vayan pasando. Puedes ver el artículo anterior haciendo click aquí.


We left the action in the train, in my way to Kristianstad... right before arriving to the Jamboree. I decided to travel alone since it's easier to coordinate and find accomodation too. Now, after sailing from Kobenhavn to Helsinborg and visited Lund, Ystad an Malmö... i was finally arriving to the Jamboree. I wanted to go since 2007!!! i was very nervous, i must confess. Well... we have to start stepping out of the train... lets go!

at Kristianstad Train Station

(Preliminary) Check in, of course

I was worried about getting streight to the Train Station in Kristianstad because on the form that we have to fill up i wrote that i wanted to be picked up from the Kobenhavn Airport, but since i got my Skåne Summer Card to travel all around the sothern region of Sweden (Skåne) with a flat rate... i decided to arrive to Kristianstad by myself. And after they picked us up in the train station, the next step was to Check In (but the real and almost final one), and for so... we needed to make a small queue :P

Small queue to check in.
Is it possible to notice the computers + staff we needed to reach for so?

Hum... so "Module Activities". Still, no clue about my job as IST.
IST Patrol, my ID number... first activities, ok.
(and as usual, i'll write that on my agenda to remember)

Next step: placing my tent. This is not that hard... since i'm very used to camp, the only problem is to find the square i am being sent to, but after spotting the guys in my contingent it was not that hard :P ...the hard part was to dialogue and set the camp layout for the peruvian contingent and the others contingents on the square. by the way... did the guys from Arabia Saudi got to enter the camp? they never arrived to the camp-grid, i think.

Fonchy's tent (orange +beige) on the peruvian zone of the camp-grid

WSJ 2011 Map
(not really useful... see the next post, but wait for it to come please)

WSJ 2011 - Sunset at Spring Town

So, i got pretty much what i need to start my Jamboree 2011 experience. I was very excited since it was the 1st time i got into an international Jamboree as an IST... i'm so full of energies!!! can't wait!!
(to be continued)


Go check the World Organization of the Scout Movement and check for some evens, if you want...
But if you are a scout, i really really tell you: go to an international activity and enjoy it as much as you can, and you'll have the time of your life. Puedes ver la página de la Organización Mundial del Movimiento Scout y revisar algunos eventos, si quieres... pero si eres scout, te digo... y te lo digo muy bien: ve a una actividad internacional y diusfruta todo lo que puedas, pues es algo espectacular.